Data vs. communication

Employee to manager: "I'm starving!" Food for thought on the difference between information and communication: Employees are bombarded with information, but starved for importance.

Communication only takes place when an exchange leads to a common meaning. Communication is about facilitating dialogue. To build a successful team, you need to create a culture where dialogue on topics is safe in order to make the smartest decisions possible.

Here are 6 suggestions to consider when building a workplace culture with more open communication:

    1. Make sure you have regular opportunities to engage in dialogue with your work group, in smaller teams, and with individuals.
    2. Involve people openly and comprehensively by asking open-ended questions: "What do you think?" "How do you react to that?"
    3. Listen to what co-workers have to say and paraphrase to make sure you understand their comment.
    4. listen for different points of view and encourage others to express them: "The fact that you and I disagree on a subject is a good thing."
    5. Listen more than you speak when you want to know what's inside your people's minds.
    6. If you ask for input, be ready to respond. Otherwise, employees will be less likely to give you input in the future.

Which of the above suggestions could be the most beneficial for your communication?

– David Grossman

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