Cuckoo rebrands to usher in a brand new period of broadband

Set up in 2020 by Alexander Fitzgerald, Tommy Toner and Daniel McClure, broadband company Cuckoo offers rolling contracts as well as 12-month plans, promises to get customers online within 24 hours, and invests a percentage of each bill in improving internet access around the world.

The provider has just unveiled a new identity, designed by Studio Output, to help Cuckoo take on some of its big-name competitors. It revolves around the brand’s ‘feel-good’ ethos, and is accompanied by an egg-shaped logo that radiates wi-fi signal.

The egg motif is continued elsewhere in the branding as a series of three-dimensional shapes that have been squashed, stretched, stacked and sliced, as well as a set of egg-themed graphic illustrations.

The colour scheme is striking, with its Barbie pinks, lemon yellows and mint greens – all of which only appear more vibrant when compared with the staid blues and reds of competitor brands. The only criticism is that, when paired with the egg logo, it can begin to feel a little bit like an Easter ad campaign – only emphasised by some of the more punny, ‘eggceptional’ bits of copywriting.

It’s a notably different approach than the likes of BT or Virgin Media Broadband, both of which lean heavily into a more techy set of visuals, emphasising speed with plenty of swooping digital elements. “We’re taking on a stodgy and slow-moving sector,” says Cuckoo co-founder and CEO Fitzgerald. “The winds of change are blowing in telecoms.”