Cossette creates new id for the World Anti-Doping Company

Cossette’s new identity brings a more contemporary and coherent look to WADA, which was formed in 1999 as the global regulatory body of doping-free sport.

It intends to provide a unifying style to the organisation, which has an extensive network of stakeholders, from scientists to athletes, to sporting bodies and governments. To achieve this, Cossette focused its designs on “the athletes, the love of sport and the level playing field they deserve to compete on”.

The design sees the removal of the black square that previously accompanied the organisation’s logo, and aims to represent “the rules that everyone agrees to follow”, which has been replaced by a friendlier bright green. At the logo’s centre remains an equal sign, to represent equal chances for all in a doping-free sporting environment, though the wider identity now features colours drawn from various fields of play.

Cossette also revamped WADA’s website, which was felt to lack “fluidity, movement and accessibility”, with users “struggling to find information”. The new site features a modular platform and clearly defined sections.

“We had to develop a complete brand ecosystem that would live up to WADA’s powerful ambitions and, at the same time, remain flexible so that it can adapt to all the agency’s needs across a wide range of activities,” says Richard Bélanger, vice-president, design, at Cossette.

Agency: Cossette
Brand Creative: Louis-Philippe Tremblay, Richard Bélanger, Lionel Michée, Simon-Charles Couture, Virginie Bédard, Sébastien Paradis, Camille Lévesque, Florence Panneton, Martin Snape
Digital Creative: Louis-Philippe Tremblay, Frédéric Lord, Jennifer Varvaresso, Sébastien Tremblay, Alexis Malin, Fannie Deschênes, Jonathan Pinard, Kimberley Neill
UX Design: Barbara Roque, Thorgal Creuze