Contained in the formidable music movies for Jungle’s new album

Jungle are back with a bumper pack of dance-laden videos for their third album. The collective’s Josh Lloyd-Watson and co-director Charlie Di Placido explain the intensive process of making the choreographed one-shot videos, which were all filmed in just five days

Seven years ago, Jungle released their self-titled debut LP and the group’s defining sound: a rapturous blend of falsetto vocals, funky licks and irresistible hooks. Over time, Jungle as an entity has evolved from founding duo Josh Lloyd-Watson and Tom McFarland to represent a collective populated by a rotating cast of vocalists, musicians and creatives who help bring their vision to life.

The group’s first official music video starred a small yet mighty B-Girl tearing up the floor to the sound of Platoon, which they followed up with videos featuring British rollerskating duo High Rollaz (The Heat), group choreographed sequences (Busy Earnin’) and two middle-aged men struck by the impulse to take to the dancefloor (Time). Directed by Lloyd-Watson and Oliver Hadlee Perch, the promos were utterly mesmerising.

The videos for Jungle’s sophomore album For Ever, again directed by Lloyd-Watson as well as Charlie Di Placido, brought the band’s central duo slightly more to the fore. However, they also incorporated a handful of dancers who made regular appearances – some of whom (chiefly Mette Linturi and Che Jones) have returned to pick up the story in the new album Loving In Stereo, a feel good record that follows a journey of spiritual growth.

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