Components E is alleged to result in adjustments within the epic new show

Since it was founded in 2014, the electrically powered racing brand Formula E has had problems attracting motorsport enthusiasts to the same extent as their F1 counterparts.

The 2018 renaming of Prophet was aimed at combating this problem and focused on the unique offering of its races that take place on the streets of the world's great cities.

Marking its first season as the official FIA World Championship, Uncommon Creative Studio's new Formula E ad focuses on its mission for sustainable human progress.

Based on the new brand positioning “Change. Accelerated ”the film was made by Marcus Söderlund, the director of cinematic music videos for XX and Miike Snow.

The film point is shot entirely in the camera and shot from the perspective of a Formula E car watching the spectators on city center streets around the world.

The film is voiced by legendary 20th century science fiction writer and futurist Arthur C Clarke, who back in the 1960s predicted many things that we take for granted in our modern world, from the internet to AI.

Married to a recording of Clarke speaking to the BBC at the 1964 New York World's Fair, the film reflects Formula E's ambitions to work towards a more positive and sustainable future.

"The power of sport has always helped move the world forward," says Nils Leonard, co-founder of Uncommon.

“More than any other fly poster or political joke, sport can reflect the problems in our society and attract the attention it takes to make real change happen. The feeling behind “Change. Accelerated is all about progress – Formula E leads the way in creating a sustainable force for good in the racing industry. "

Creative Studio: Occasionally
Production company: Academy
Director: Marcus Söderlund
DOP: Daniel Voldheim
Post production: ETC
VFX: Fasa