Childline Advert reassures younger those that no one is regular

The charity released a new stop-motion ad posted by Radiohead classic Creep that shows everyone is feeling together

Childline Nobody is Normal's new ad was created in response to thousands of young people who turn to the charity they don't fit into with fears. It is published at a time when mental health crises among young people are particularly pronounced due to their special relevance to the coronavirus pandemic.

"At Childline, we often hear from young people who feel differently," said Grania Hyde-Smith, the charity's director of marketing. "This can be for a variety of reasons, including bullying, abuse and mental health problems. Sometimes young people just don't feel comfortable in their own skin."

The spot was created by marketing agency The Gate and brought to life in stop-motion by Blink Productions and Rowdy Films. He follows a young person who is struggling to hide an inner creature under a "human" disguise according to Radioheads Creep.

Gate CCO Lucas Peon described Nobody is Normal as “a campaign that engages children in a way that is natural to them,” adding that “we needed an emotional story that intrigued people enough to pay attention and enough them moved to get them thinking and changing their perspective ”.

Agency: the gate
CCO: Lucas Peon
Creative: John Osborne, Rickie Marsden, Sam Whatley
Production company: Rowdy, Blink
Director: Catherine Prowse