Chidy Wayne on balancing commerce and artwork

The Barcelona-based imagemaker shares how he navigates the ‘boundaries’ of being a commercial illustrator and a fine artist – and his thoughts on the perceived divide between the two

Is it art? It’s a question that most creatives grapple with at some point in their careers, whether they’re making ads for major brands, directing films or creating visual artwork. The line between commercial creativity and fine art is a definite one, and imagemakers often struggle with the clashing identities of being an artist and answering a brief. But illustrator Chidy Wayne has a different take.

He’s been working as a commercial illustrator for the last 12 years, taking on commissions for brands including Mango, the Macallan and Hackett London, as well as maintaining a parallel practice as a fine artist which has seen him exhibit work across Europe. In recent years he’s brought his commercial and personal work ever closer together, and is a firm believer that the boundaries between the two can be crossed.

Top image: Chidy Wayne in his Barcelona studio; above: commission for Mango

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