Canesten is on a mission to coach folks about vaginal well being

Canesten’s original Vagina Academy campaign launched in Brazil, where it was called Intensivão da PPK, with PPK referring to ‘pepeca’ – a Brazilian slang word for women’s genitals.

This first iteration used social media, in particular TikTok, to educate viewers about the vagina – covering everything from pH balance and discussions of what’s ‘normal’, to vaginal infections. It was named a Winner in this year’s CR Annual.

Now, AnalogFolk are back with a UK version, entitled The Truth, Undressed. The aim is to share real-life images of vulvas and educate people on intimate health, using a dedicated website as well as social media.

Teachers can also download lesson plans from the site, which explores a wide range of topics including pubic hair, pornography, bleaching and labioplasty, as well as healthcare and hygiene.

AnalogFolk worked with production company Untold Fable on the initiative, collaborating to create a series of non-sexualised, real-life images shot by Sophie Mayanne – who also photographed Mothercare’s Body Proud Mums campaign.

The initiative is disarmingly frank in both its use of photography and the way it deals with the subject matter, which feels entirely right for a brand selling intimate healthcare. It’s also in step with a broader move away from what was once an extremely euphemistic, and often condescending, approach to advertising women’s products.;