Burger King France welcomes friends with a greasy print marketing campaign

Targeted at impatient fast-food aficionados, the print ads celebrate some of the chaotic parts of a trip to a drive-through BK – including greasy gear levers and chips-strewn seats

The Paris agency Buzzman has launched the campaign, which shows a wonderfully blatant photograph of inconspicuous car interiors. Where it all comes to life are the tell-tale details revealed by evidence of a recent trip to BK.

Without ever showing off a burger or a bag of fries, Buzzman made it clear what's going on here – with a few tomato seeds and a bad piece of lettuce, or that oily smear a mayonnaise-covered hand leaves on the steering wheel. Obviously, helping the Eck-BK logo and the slogan “bienvenue aux impatients”. Just like the feeling that something slightly illegal might have just happened.

It's a smart advertisement that uses very little to get the punch line across, and that stems from several other playful works by BK – including an ad about cowfarts directed by Michel Gondry.


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