Burberry creates a nocturnal ballet in new marketing campaign movie

Directed by Megaforce, the fashion house’s new campaign film, Night Creatures, brings three dancers together with a mysterious, leggy companion

Burberry’s new film opens with three people travelling home after dark, engaged in a discussion about a sci-fi movie. When their bus is intercepted, genre conventions would tell you that the sci-fi scene is about to play out in front of them – especially when a faceless, many-legged creature appears.

Instead, its arrival gives way to a dance through the streets of London, which veers between freerunning, ballet and experimental movement, all choreographed by repeat collaborators La(Horde).

Almost architectural in appearance, the creature’s limbs become routes, platforms and trapezes for the dancers to explore in the sky to the sound of touching instrumental music.

The film was directed by Megaforce, the French collective that’s been working with Burberry throughout its experiments with choreography and VFX, which began with their Christmas ad in 2020. “The Festive campaign was about resilience and facing adversity, Open Spaces was about the joy of freedom,” Megaforce say. “This year we wanted to express the bold attitude that it takes to dive into the unknown: the fearless and playful spirit of adventure.”

Creative Direction: Burberry
Creative/Idea/Film Direction: Megaforce
Agency/Production: Riff Raff Films
DOP: Mauro Chiarello
Editing: Work Editorial
VFX Supervisor/CG Lead: Will Laban