B&Q launches enigmatic new poster marketing campaign

The billboards form part of the DIY brand’s recent campaign, which aims to emphasise how easy it is to make changes to your home

Shot by photographer James Day, who is known for his work for the New York Times, New Yorker and Wallpaper, the new B&Q ads are simple yet beautiful.

Each features a mobile phone with a B&Q product bursting from it, including paint, a roll of wallpaper and a bloom of flowers. The only text accompanying this is the brand’s web address, which alongside the image of the phone is enough to send home the message that you can order all these products digitally.

The ads, from Uncommon Creative Studio, join a recent TV spot for the brand which saw a family’s home turned literally upside down by the arrival of a new baby.

It feels refreshing to see a print campaign that opts for restraint, instead of spelling everything out for the viewer. It’s an approach that Uncommon has previously taken for B&Q, in its Build A Life campaign, though if anything, these new ads are even more pared-back and intriguing.

Agency: Uncommon Creative Studio
Photographer: James Day