Black Gold

Yesteryear’s vision of you makes me beam with pride.

I see you valiant, and strong,

The epitome of masculinity,

Carrying the world on your shoulders.

You stumble, yet you carry your load,

Then I blink, and centuries past,

You morph into this new creature,

Value reduced in the view of others,

Yet you are worth so much,

Priceless in my eyes.

It’s time to remove the wool over your countenance.

Black man arise!

Since when did it become fashion to wear your sister’s attire, to juggle women like a circus act?

Where’s the positive contribution, where’s your impact?

How does the degradation of the womb that bore you bring you joy?

Walk upright!

You are men, and not mere boys!

These things ache the innermost parts of me,

So I’ll fight with my pen,

I’ll use this as my weapon,

To help empower and encourage our men.

For I choose to believe that despite your false negative taint,

Despite the hogwash you’ve been covered in through the media’s paint,

Despite the false truths that you believe,

Stories generationally told,

You are richness, potential, love and power.

You are my black gold!


Hi all, although most of my posts are geared toward the ladies, I decided to do this one for my brothers. I can’t describe how tiring it is to see young black men being portrayed in a negative light in the media. I am by no means saying that they are perfect, but seeing all that potential wasted? Nah! I won’t sit and watch it. They are capable of so much, yet some of them choose to believe lies about themselves, and as such, carry about themselves as less than they were created to be. Some of them are hurting whether they will admit it or not. Some of them are broken, and have no clue what they are capable of achieving because they don’t know themselves. As we are to be our brother’s keeper, let’s show them some love guys. Edify them when they don’t think they’re good enough, encourage them when they want to do well, and love them enough to let them know when they are in the wrong. Happy Black History month (UK) guys.


Written by Makeba Hudson