Bio Oil Review

Hi everyone. Today’s Review is going to be on the famous BIO OIL. The first time that I had heard about this product was through another fellow student. I had a spot (break out) that decided to visit me, and then he (yes, I said he), suggested that I purchase the product. Just the name put me off at first. It sounded like some product produced from an oil rig. This was almost five years ago. At first I have to admit, I was not pleased about his forwardness. What did he know about my skin anyway? So what if he had flawless skin? (I am laughing to myself, hold on …ok, I’m good now).Well the product somehow found its way into my house (still don’t know how it did), and the rest is history.

The defining moment for me and this oil happened after a mishap in the kitchen. I was cooking one day, and a bit of hot oil burnt me. It was a careless mistake that I made that caused it, one that I never repeated. It left three large circular dark marks on the inside of my arm. I just wanted it gone. Two days or so after the incident, I started applying bio oil. It did not take long to start working. The mark is gone and I can’t even remember which arm it happened to. Now I use it all over my body in place of lotion. I like the fact that it does not sit on my skin like lotion. It sinks in easily without being overly oily. I especially like using it at the back of my hands if hot water from the tap burns me. It’s very healing.

This orange looking substance comes in a clear bottle, with a white cap. It can be bought in various sizes. These are 60ml, 125ml, and the 200ml sized bottles. I find that with it, a little goes a long way. It claims to be great for scars, stretch marks uneven skin tone, ageing skin and dehydrated skin. It contains vitamin A and E, and is suitable for sensitive skin. It can be purchased online, from Superdrug and other pharmacies, Boots, and Savers. I buy mine at savers, because theirs is considerably cheaper than everywhere else. A 60ml bottle at Savers is £4 and change, which I find quite good. I can’t say anything bad about the product at all. After years of use, I give it an 8.5/10.This is definitely a keeper in my books.