Billie: The razor model championing physique hair

Adopting a different approach to shake up the industry, Billie has put customers first when it comes to marketing, often making personal choice the centre of campaigns rather than its own product

Launched in 2017 as the “New Body Brand”, Billie was founded by Georgina Gooley and Jason Bravman who marketed the brand around the idea of the “pink tax”, which meant, at that point, women were paying 10-15% more for razors than men. 

While the company started off with just subscription razors, last year Billie expanded into daily beauty essentials such as face wipes, body wash, lip balm, dry shampoo and more. One of its core missions is to not only be a leader in the health and beauty category, but to be a brand that empowers its customers. 

All images: Courtesy of Billie

Our founders noticed that most shaving companies were created for (or by) men, and that women felt like a true afterthought in the category,” says Jessica Shriftman, creative director of brand at Billie. “Billie was created as the first razor company designed specifically for womankind, at a fair price point, and as a brand our audience could truly relate to. We wanted to go beyond differentiating ourselves in terms of quality and price, and create a more meaningful kind of relationship with our customers.” 

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