BBH Unsigned's expertise showcase is again with its 2020 winners

When Unsigned was founded by the BBH team in London in 2018, their goal was to "get diverse talent on your radar". In essence, this was an opportunity for the advertising agency to resume their commitment to discovery and collaboration with undiscovered and unrepresented photographers, directors, and illustrators. Rather than looking at the usual traditional channels for talent discovery, Unsigned has made a concerted effort to not only highlight those who are already being talked about, but to promote the "most exciting emerging talent" to create a platform and publication that the Industry benefits.

Now, in its third year, the 2020 class of Unsigned Magazine has started and offers a curated selection of 15 unsigned photographers, directors and illustrators as well as interviews with the creatives themselves. Former unsigned alumni as well as a review of the five winners Good news Open a short illustration contest.

Carlos Jaramillo. All pictures from class 2020, unsigned

The magazine was designed by BBH designer and art director Charley Ray and commissioned and edited by art producer Tom Burns, film producer Nnena Nwakodo, art director Stephanie Flynn, strategist Thandi Mbire, account executive Moses Odubuyi, and assistant art producer Beth Mechem.

The pandemic has resulted in the annual exhibition, usually held as part of Unsigned's launch, being postponed. However, the magazine has the opportunity to delve into a variety of topics with the creative, such as the moral responsibility of artists, capturing controversial issues in society, and how sex work can teach you how to make a big splash as an artist.

Maria Contreras

The works presented include Carlos Jaramillo's living work Pictures of colored pigeons in Cuba, The Chilean illustrator Maria Contreras vibrant and quirky illustrations featuring a range of fun characters and the photography of London-based Alia Romagnoli, often focusing on topics such as identity and representation.

There is also an exclusive look at the Unsigned Union, which is emerging as part of the "fight for equality in our industry" and is an opportunity for the BBH team to "take responsibility for the serious lack of representation in mandated roles in advertising." do". . The union was created in support of Black Lives Matter and is asking other agencies to join them.

Alia Romagnoli

As part of the release, the team also created a 45 minute playlist of unsigned names in the music that can be accessed via the QR code at the beginning of the release.

"In 2020, the discussions about representation and diversity have rightly become one of the most important drivers for change in our industry," writes BBH partner Stephen Ledger-Lomas in the magazine's intro. "With this important new generation of unsigned talent, we are proud to be part of this movement, focusing on giving voice to the most outstanding emerging creatives at work today."

Emma Williams

Issa Tall

Ooro Brenon Ochieng;