Artistic Futures Revisited: David O’Reilly

As part of our 40th birthday celebrations, CR revisits the alumni from our almost 30-year Creative Futures program. Here we present LA artist David O’Reilly, an alumnus of the Creative Futures class from 2008

David O'Reilly's Please Say Something may be over a decade old, but it remains an extremely influential piece of animation. Even now, the LA-based artist still receives emails about the episodic short film, which tells the story of a failed relationship between a cat and a mouse in a futuristic city.

"It really made me do it Card, ”he says CR. “It started like nothing else I had ever done. It has had a huge impact on the aesthetics of computer graphics that you still see today, and it has influenced many students who have done their own work. And I was very young, just 23 years old, but something that came out of this frustrated, broken animator that nobody had heard of became that reference point in animation. It was a crazy thing. "

O’Reilly did Please Say Something while experiencing an intoxicating mix of emotions. He had been working on another short film that had gone terribly wrong for a year, and he really wanted to go ahead and do something better. He had a strong opinion of the state of computer graphics – which he thought was too chic, shiny and commercial – and wanted to move away from the "strange, slow, umbilical-looking" short films of the time and actually tell a story. In addition, O'Reilly quickly ran out of money and found the freelance life in London brutal.