Are kids suitable with a artistic profession?

Coronavirus has plunged families of all kinds into chaos as parents find out how to combine work and life at a standstill. Questions about who should take responsibility for homeschooling and childcare have highlighted gender equality issues, and there is ample evidence that women have taken on much of the burden.

The Guardian reported earlier this year that detained mothers spend four extra hours a day looking after their children and are more likely to try to work at the same time. In some cases, women take voluntary leave or layoffs to focus on childcare, which may affect their careers. This is in addition to the long-term problems caused by men and women on unequal parental leave, and the reluctance of the creative industries to offer women part-time or flexible work.

Lyricist Charlotte Adorjan was aware of some of these challenges before the ban because she had given up a full-time job at AMV BBDO because the agency would not give her the flexibility she needed. She says working freelance meant more control over her time and gave her space to arrange things around childcare and her son Woody's regular medical appointments. Woody, who is autistic, has just won a D&AD Side Hustle Pencil for his Woodism project, which turns some of his sentences into linocut designs that raise money for charity. Ambitious About Autism. During the ban, Adorjan continued to work as a freelancer while her partner worked full-time as a copywriter, which means that she did most of the childcare work.

She says trying to reconcile the responsibilities of work and children has made it much more difficult to come up with ideas, especially in the lack of headroom that is caused by everyday rituals like entering the office or getting on the subway arises.

"Now it's even a moment to take a shower," she said to CR. "I do so much more multitasking. Even when I cook, I talk to someone or do something else. This thinking time is completely over."