Anorak Magazin needs to see your eyeballs

From Virginia Taroni

Donate Your Eyes was founded by children's magazine Anorak and Anomaly creative director David Lawrie, whose own son Flynn was diagnosed with glaucoma as a baby.

Not only are they bringing together an abundance of eyeball-themed art on a dedicated Instagram page, but they also want to raise awareness of the disease and raise money for London's Moorfields Eye Hospital, which treated Flynn in his youth.

So far, submissions have ranged from looping animations and minimal line drawings to more surreal interpretations, including Malachy James' image of a man wearing a pair of giant, disembodied eyeballs. All works are donated – although the original artist retains the rights – and Anorak is accepting new contributions for the foreseeable future.

By Lisa CartretteFrom Sean OhBy Jamie BusbyBy Clara Cornelius

"Photos of eyes can all look similar, but drawing an eye takes the form of how that person sees the world," says Cathy Olmedillas, who founded Anorak in 2006. CR readers may be familiar with the Happy Downloads range. The program started during the lockdown last year and provided free activity sheets to keep the kids busy.

"It felt like a more impactful, personal donation and had room for the imagination," continues Olmedillas. "It was also a way to motivate a community whose lives and passions revolve around what they see on a platform that is visible to others."

From Claudia BessiBy Daniele Morganti

Artworks with eye motifs can be submitted to Anorak at;