An upbeat animation means that there isn’t any disgrace in sure time frames

We are in the middle of some kind of revolution in the way society talks about periods. Since Libresse released its award-winning Blood Normal spot in 2017, banning the use of blue liquid in advertising historical products, we've seen a multitude of campaigns aimed at expanding the conversation and tackling taboos.

Libresse has pioneered this area, expanding research into women's health with ads celebrating the vulva. Most recently, the epic #wombstories examined how our relationship with our wombs changes over the course of a lifetime. But the brand isn't alone in this quest: we've also seen brands like Thinx revolutionize the products available to those in their periods and charities, including Hey Girls, who address the very serious problem of "period poverty" when Women and girls cannot afford period products.

This is the area that the Bloody Good Period charity also works in. Along with advertising agency Mother and the directors of Strange Beast, Anna Ginsburg and Caitlin McCarthy, she released this uplifting animation designed to suggest that we should never be ashamed of ourselves for any period of time, however impractical to like.

A hilarious rework of CeCe Peniston's classic song Finally, the film delves into the various possibilities that periods can put in our way, all presented in a distinctive style.

The film is profoundly understandable for anyone experiencing periods, but the campaign also includes some damn stats on how society reacts to this extremely common occurrence. Research from Bloody Good Period shows that nine out of ten people who menstruate fear periods at work. and that the pandemic has exacerbated the problem of the accessibility and affordability of historical products. Bloody Good Period now meets six times more demand than before Covid. Over 81,000 packs of products have been sold since the UK lockdown began.

In addition to spreading the message of #NoShameHere, the campaign encourages viewers to donate to poverty alleviation through their website at

Agency: mother
Directed by Anna Ginsburg, Caitlin McCarthy
Production company: Strange Beast
Music artist: Chiara Hunter