A spiralling new visible id for the Leeum Museum of Artwork

Wolff Olins’ updated branding for the Seoul museum, which is run by the Samsung Foundation of Culture, looks to reflect the ever-changing nature of art

Since first opening its doors in 2004, the Seoul-based Leeum Museum of Art has been building up a wide-ranging collection of Korean, international modern and contemporary art.

The cultural institution, which is run by the Samsung Foundation of Culture, was founded with the ambition to become a 21st century ‘museum of convergence’ – a place where people could see and discuss traditional, contemporary and international art all in one place.

Following a period of closure during the pandemic, the museum commissioned design agency Wolff Olins to create a new visual identity that would better reflect its ambitions, and appear across a number of touchpoints, from signage and communications to social media and augmented reality experiences.

The updated branding is centred around the museum’s dynamic new logo; a rotating form that intends to reflect both the cyclical nature of time and the form of the Leeum’s Rotunda building.

“It embodies the revolutionary, ever-changing nature of art, inviting and encouraging visitors to interact and experience the art – not to be passive observers but active participants,” says Wolff Olins.

The rest of the system is designed to be flexible enough to adapt to the broad nature of exhibits, artists and events that are typically held in the museum.