A hooky identification for fishing firm Huge C Charters

The Bay Area charter service has a new look designed by Mucho, which plays on fishing iconography and the height of its founder, former basketball player Christian Cavanaugh

Big C Charters was named after its founder and captain, former pro basketball player Christian Cavanaugh, and his reputation for the biggest catches.

His towering height of 6 foot 8 inches informed the new outstretched identity for the charter company, which runs fishing trips and excursions in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Comparison of the old logo and Mucho’s new design

Led by Mucho, the identity’s crowning feature is the typography, from the Big C logo to the accompanying display typeface, Big C Sans, with its exaggerated proportions and hook-like terminals that channel fishing equipment.

The colours used across the identity were chosen to help make an impact rather than sink into antiquated images people may have when it comes to fishing, drawing on eye-popping combinations of yellow and black, and secondary palettes of red, teal, orange and pink.

The wider brand collateral is full of personality too, including quirky paper clips, or earrings made by local jewellery maker Cali Clay.