A brand new exhibition highlights feminist activism by way of banners

Women Making History brings together over 100 handcrafted banners originally created for a mass arts initiative

The new exhibition takes place in London and features over 100 banners first commissioned in 2018 as part of Processions, a mass-participation work of art organized by art event producer Artichoke and 14-18 NOW.

On that occasion, tens of thousands gathered on the streets of Belfast, Cardiff, Edinburgh and London to celebrate the centenary of the UK women's election.

Creators and visual artists such as Vivienne Westwood, Claudette Johnson and Sarah Maple were involved in the creation of the banners, which cover topics from gender-based violence to reproductive and economic rights.

Above and Above: Matthew Andrews

Although the context differs significantly from the original processional march, the banners in the exhibition are raised to great heights and fill the room like sails or house flags.

The show offers the rare opportunity to see the craft up close, which is difficult in marching or protest situations, and is accompanied by an app that allows visitors to look up each banner and discover additional details, images and artist quotes.

Image: Matthew AndrewsBanners of the Plymouth College of Art, artist Elizabeth Masteron and tattoo artist Jedna Hall. Artwork images: Artichoke and Google Arts and CultureImage: Simon CorderScottish Refugee Council banner with women from the Glasgow refugee community and the artists Paria M. Goodarzi and Helen de MainImage: Simon Corder

Women Making History runs at London Scottish House in Westminster through July 11; londonscottishhouse.org