A brand new exhibition celebrates two of essentially the most well-known hip-hop picture makers

Eddie Otchere is a London-based curator, photographer and educator best known for his portraits of hip-hop legends such as Jay-Z, Wu-Tang Clan and Biggie Smalls.

Parisian photographer Remy Bourdeau has spent the last decade documenting Paris and London nightlife, capturing performances by Skepta and Princess Nokia.

In their new joint show Futur Noir, the two photographers and friends curated an exploration of hip-hop history through the lens of the two European cities where their own careers have unfolded.

Located in the San Mei Gallery in south London, the exhibition is accompanied by a number of public programs, including photography workshops and a limited edition zine of the contact sheets of the main prints in the exhibition.

The exhibition is intended to be a dialogue between Otchere and Bourdeau's individual practices, tracking the growth of hip-hop and its broader impact on everything from popular culture to politics to racial relations over the years.

Talking to Dazed about the motivation behind the show, Otchere and Bourdeau said, “We just wanted to praise our favorite icons the way photography can – with large prints. We paid a lot of attention to the Soultress and the MC, but we decided to celebrate the moment when the MC hits the crowd and the crowd is as flying as the MC.

“We know that we as observers also have to represent the beautiful future noir. From Erykah Badu to Jorja Smith to Lord Apex to Jean Gray and Rejjie Snow we had to create a gallery with new and old G.O.A.T.S. "

Futur Noir can be seen at the San Mei Gallery through September 5th. sanmeigallery.co.uk