A brand new exhibition asks what 2020 means for you

The team at the short film app Minute Shorts has put together a selection of six films that summarize summer time in the Covid-19 era

Think back to the beginning of this year and neither of us could have predicted the weirdness that defined summer 2020.

The short film app Minute Shorts takes advantage of the ups and downs of this year in their latest offline event, a summer film exhibition that shows the moments that kept us apart and brought us together during this time.

The show runs from September 19-20 in Sook in central London and shows six short films curated by the Minute Shorts team as well as insights from the filmmakers into their making.

Unsurprisingly, some films explore the negative impact the pandemic has had on people. In Pandemic, directors Pedro and James speak with friends around the world about the harsh truths they have faced with the coronavirus, while Anna Fearon's Movement in Stillness examines the mental and physical incarceration of Lockdown through dance.

Others take a more uplifting approach, like Anthony Rubinstein in Crazy About Something, which captures the calm and demeanor of the vast UK public – an example of our commitment to orderly supermarket queues and incessant memes.

Find out more about the A Minute Shorts summer film exhibition and book tickets here. minuteshorts.co.uk