7 methods for promoting on Memorial Day

Remembrance day means a lot to many people. The focus is on a day to commemorate the brave American soldiers who perished in the fight for this country. For many, Memorial Day weekend is also the start of summer and an opportunity to get involved in the annual Christmas shopping event.

The shopping event is no longer reserved for brick and mortar stores. Research by Namogoo shows that e-commerce fashion sales on Memorial Day 2020 increased 380 percent year over year. Conversions also increased by 335 percent.

However, such figures do not appear by magic. Marketing plays a vital role in the success of your business.

Because of that, I'm going to show seven strategies you can use to skyrocket your Memorial Day sales.

7 Tips For Selling On Ecommerce Memorial Day

A record-breaking memorial day doesn't happen through luck. By using one or more of the tips below, you will give your business a better chance of getting noticed, attracting new customers, and having a great weekend.

1. Run a paid advertising campaign that shows your sales

To be successful on Memorial Day weekend, you have to stand out. Big brands can do this with television commercials or billboards. Smaller brands often stick to social media. I recommend combining the two via a paid advertising campaign on social media.

While few brands can afford to run a TV ad, many ecommerce brands can afford a short paid ad campaign, especially if it's optimized for conversions.

There are two key factors you need to do the right thing: the channel you are advertising on and the subject you are using.

I recommend sticking to Facebook or Google for your paid ads. These platforms have the greatest reach and targeting tools to ensure your paid media budget reaches the furthest.

When it comes to advertising creatives, it's about standing out. The use of red, white and blue as well as an American flag is a matter of course. But also remember to include summer-themed images that so many consumers associate with the vacation.

It is important to remember that unlike Independence Day, this is a day of remembrance. Even when your focus is on summer fun, keep your tone respectful of the fallen and their loved ones. This ad from My Mind & # 39; s Eye does an excellent job of finding that balance: it's eye-catching, positive, and still reminding viewers of the reason for the vacation.

Tips for Selling on Ecommerce Memorial Day - Run a paid advertising campaign showcasing your sales

Use Memorial Day hashtags on social media platforms, but be mindful of the type of content you post. Some people may use these hashtags to search for information related to the vacation itself and may be offended by excessive promotional material.

2. Test your sales on social media without revealing what they are by Memorial Day

Teasing your Memorial Day sales on social media is a fantastic way to add excitement and build a potential customer base long before the big day starts. By doing it on social channels, you have the chance to attract thousands of new users who have never shopped from you before.

Set up your social media calendar well in advance of your vacation. The more time you need to post, the more anticipation you can build. This applies to your email marketing campaign as well as your social media posts.

For example, The Pampered Iggy – an artist who makes outfits for Italian greyhounds – teases their upcoming Memorial Day sales in this simple but effective image:

Memorial Day Sales - Test your sales on social media

3. Conduct a flash sale

Unlike the winter holiday shopping season, Memorial Day sales last a few days at most. This makes it ripe for flash sales.

These sales are typically associated with significant discounts and are designed to encourage consumers to make impulse purchases. They are also a great way to get press attention and ensure customers visit your store over your competitors.

Focusing on your new summer products is the best strategy here. Many consumers wait until Memorial Day weekend to do their spring and summer purchases, so keep an eye out for this season's items. Do the discounts too well to avoid them.

It is equally important to get the word out about your sales. Consider using a paid advertising campaign, as detailed above, to drive your sales. Don't forget your email list or social media followers though.

4. Sell winter items at a deep discount

Everyone loves a discount, especially on Memorial Day. Price cuts between 20 and 90 percent are common. There's no better time to get rid of leftover winter items while attracting new customers than to sell them cheaply.

These sales can be done alongside your standard Memorial Day sales events, or they can stand on their own. It all depends on what products you have in store for the summer. Brands that tend to do well during the summer months may prefer to highlight their new line of products. Winter sports stores, on the other hand, may just want to focus attention on their high discounts.

5. Honorary Veterans and Their Families

Remembrance Day is a day of remembrance for fallen soldiers. Because of this, it's important to stay positive but not too solemn about the unofficial start of summer.

Richard Levick, Chairman and CEO of LEVICK, says:

Memory and relaxation both play important roles in our lives, but they should occupy separate areas … When brands forget to respect that separation, and when executives who don't understand the true meaning of Memorial Day take control of marketing and the social A company's media have reach, insensitive – even insulting – things happen.

In particular, he advises against potentially exploitative images of military funeral services, grieving families, etc. Many companies contrast these images with the “FLASH SALE!” Message. and "Happy Memorial Day!" that can pucker feathers.

Not all veterans and families want to hear “Thank You for Your Service” on Memorial Day and want the day to focus on those who have been lost. That said, honoring veterans, active duty soldiers, and their families can be tastefully and well done without taking focus off the importance of the day – the chances are many of them have lost someone on duty.

There are many ways to honor veterans and active service workers. One way is to give them early or priority access to your sale. Another option is to offer them discounts or special offers. You could even give away small items as gifts.

But something very special to do to show your understanding and gratitude? Donate a portion of the proceeds of your Memorial Day sale to a charity that supports the families of fallen soldiers, such as the Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors (TAPS) or the Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation. Mention this plan in your Memorial Day marketing materials, but keep your focus on those who need help, not how great you are for it.

6. Reach out to websites that run sales summaries to highlight your business

Memorial Day weekend is a fantastic source of new release content, many of which feature recaps of the best sales. It is no accident that brands are included in these summaries. Mostly it is the result of a lot of public relations work.

Get your business in Memorial Day sales rounds

Start by finding publications in your industry that have past Memorial Day summaries. If you did a recap last year, there's a good chance it's on the editorial calendar this year.

You can also target larger, broader releases that aren't necessarily industry tied. Here are just a few sites that have created Memorial Day sales rounds in the past:

Next, compose an email that you can send to any of these publications. Personalize it a little, but you can leave most of it the same. Show what you have on sale for Memorial Day weekend, what discounts customers should expect, and why your offerings are better than those of your competitors.

7. Set up a virtual event with a live sales segment

You don't have to have a brick and mortar store to host a live sales event.

There are even some pretty significant benefits businesses can get from hosting virtual sales events. They are much more accessible to you. They can host significantly more attendees (which means there are more customers), and they can tune in from anywhere in the world too.

It's also much cheaper to host a virtual sales event than it is in person. Webinar software and a good quality camera cost a few hundred dollars at the most. That's pretty much all you need. It's a lot cheaper for customers who don't also need to travel to your store, which means more money has to be spent on sales.

You want to make your sales event as fun and inclusive as possible. To do this, make sure you are engaging in games and activities, and not just showing off your products. You can even hold freebies and contests to give away some of your latest products for free.

Make sure, however, that you devote a good amount of your time to your sales products. The whole point of this type of event is to increase sales. So it makes sense to spend at least the second half of the event modeling your new clothing range or showing your new products in action.

After the pandemic, you may face more competition than usual when it comes to online events. It pays to get the word out early and promote your virtual event as much as possible. Social media, email campaigns, and your website are good places to start.

Memorial Day Sales FAQ

Which channels should I run paid ads on?

Facebook, Instagram, and Google are three of the best platforms to run paid advertising campaigns this Memorial Day weekend.

How long should my flash sale take?

It may only take a few hours, but don't make it last longer than the weekend.

How can I avoid looking like I'm making money on an important holiday?

You can include both summer and celebration. Don't overdo it with the joy, but keep the message positive. Consider donating proceeds to relevant organizations.

What should I include in my publications contact email?

Keep your email as short as possible, but try to stand out. Include how much consumers can save, what products are on sale, and what other key details are there.

Which platform should I choose for my virtual event?

Facebook or Zoom are two popular platforms that are relatively inexpensive (if not free) and stable for hosting events.

Bottom Line: Here's How To Increase Memorial Day Sales

Memorial Day weekend is one of the biggest shopping events on the calendar. However, you can't just start a sale and expect customers to show up, especially if you are an ecommerce business.

Showing ads, making the most of social media, and contacting online publications are all critical to getting the word out. Making sure your sales are on the right tone with customers is key to increasing conversions.

But don't stop there. The best ecommerce stores take Memorial Day weekend as a starting point and are doing everything they can to keep Christmas sales high after the Memorial Day surge.

What tactics will you use on Remembrance Day?

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