5 steps to be extra empathetic

In today's world, we face a number of new challenges, both at work and at home – whether it's our new work regulations, the impact of COVID-19, looking inside when we put social issues in the spotlight, or something different – and our people need empathy.

With so much going on, how can we bring more humanity to the workplace?

I recently wrote about the need for leaders Hear more now than ever to better understand where employees come from and how they are doing amidst the myriad of challenges we face today.

When working on listening, it is important to recognize that this is not enough Just hear what is said. Build and maintain healthy relationships with your team – relationships that are based on a common understanding and trust – You have to show empathy, respect and sensitivity.

If you Communicate with your employeesThey want to know that you understand where they come from and what they feel. Empathy doesn't mean that you agree. It's about showing an employee that he or she is being heard.

The desire to be heard is a basic human need.

Here are the 5 key steps to demonstrate empathy in the workplace and to better connect with your employees:

  1. Listen without interruption
  2. Take a break and imagine how your employee feels
  3. Show that you hear them by thinking back what they say, "What I hear you say is …"
  4. Confirm her feelings: "I understand that you feel …"
  5. Offer support and close the conversation

React with empathy and reflect feelings if necessary, not only shows good listeningIt shows that you are sincere and caring.

The payout is an employee who knows that you are interested in what traditionally supports commitment, discretion and results.

How can you empathize with your employees better?

– David Grossman

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