5 of Our Favourite Thanksgiving Recipes – Final Minute Concepts | #ThanksgivingRecipes

Life can sneak up on you at times. Fortunately, we have some last minute Thanksgiving recipes (inspired by Grandma Elsie and her famous spice mix, of course) for you and your family or friends to enjoy. Let's help you with some food for thought (literally!) On some successful and all-time popular recipes from Grandma Elsie's collection. These recipes will make your life – and your holiday season – a little easier and, hopefully, a little more delicious.

5 of our favorite Thanksgiving recipes

1. Grandma Elsie's Spiced Holiday Popcorn

Spiced Holiday Popcorn Square

Who doesn't like a light, sweet and savory snack? This favorite adds a twist to a beloved (and irresistible) family treat. Fresh popcorn drizzled with flavors of cinnamon and cayenne pepper makes this recipe a crowd puller.

To get the recipe and a printable recipe card, Click here.

2. Grandma Elsie's butternut squash soup

Butternut squash soup square

This is a great time of year for a nice warm, smooth soup. A perfect recipe for a fresh autumn night.

To get the recipe and a printable recipe card, Click here.

3. Grandma Elsie's apple pancakes

Thanksgiving 2013 Pancakes2

Pretty yet simple pancakes for a special breakfast on a special day. The cinnamon apples taste as wonderful as hot apple pie.

Click here for the recipe and a printable recipe card.

4. Grandma Elsie's Caribbean Jerk Chicken

Jerk Chicken-square.jpg

Do you want to think outside the box on this Thanksgiving Day? Try Grandma Elise's Caribbean Jerk Chicken. These flavors are made with a touch of heat (chilies and peppercorns) and slowed down with the sweet taste of Grandma Elise's famous cinnamon sugar blend, allspice and more.

To get the recipe and a printable recipe card, Click here.

5. Grandma Elsie's organic apple and raisin muesli

This fall recipe is perfect for breakfast or a midday snack that everyone will love.

We hope these recipes have made your mouth water – and helped you make your last minute planning a little easier this year.

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