5 advantages of a powerful inside communication technique

Whether you're just starting to think about the importance of internal communication, find yourself in the middle of an existing internal communication plan, or tweaking a well-oiled communication machine, the bottom line is that it's all about the bottom line.

At its core, communication is both an instrument of strategy and a strategy in itself. It is a tool of strategy because it helps you share your mission, vision and values ​​with employees. This is a strategy that can help you achieve specific goals. It creates a sense of community and trust with employees, creates a line of sight for them, and engages them to make the business successful.

What pays off? What are the benefits of good communication?

Here are 5 benefits of a strong internal communication strategy:

1. Employees understand the big picture and how they fit in with it.

They feel valued, heard and like an important part of the team and the organization.

2. Employees are more productive and their work makes sense.

As a result, they contribute more and feel better about their contribution and the organization, so they can stay in the workplace and move the business forward.

3. Better leaders.

Communication is no longer just tactical. It's about strategy. In this context, leaders are better able to understand employees' needs and meet those needs in order to motivate, inspire and involve them.

4. Vigilant managers who keep their ears to the ground.

In order for managers and organizations to attract, create and retain a dedicated workforce, they need to be engaged over the long term. Building the trust and credibility to retain employees takes effort, but it's worth it. It only takes seconds to lose connection and interest from employees.

5. A culture of communication.

The journey to retention is an ongoing one. Communication is not an "event". It's an ongoing process. You need to work every day to ask the right questions, answer others appropriately, and communicate openly and honestly with employees. When they see you making that extra effort, they do the same. By moving away from lip service and taking positive action, you will achieve positive business results.

Companies that understand the benefits of good communication, set priorities, and constantly strive for better internal communication are a breed apart. You achieve trust and credibility. They enable employees to do their jobs better. They create a constructive workplace that encourages growth and a common purpose.

There can only be one result of all of this: higher performance and better business results.

To what extent does strong internal communication pay off in your company?

– David Grossman

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