20 artistic YouTube video concepts to make use of in 2021

If you're looking for YouTube video ideas to make impact on YouTube or other platforms, you've come to the right place.

Videos are a powerful tool for marketing and advertising. Unfortunately, there is no secret formula for being successful with videos. However, there are plenty of opportunities for success if you can be creative, authentic, and target your right audience.

It's no surprise that YouTube video consumption has skyrocketed over the past few years. 73% of adults in the United States use YouTube and, on average, each YouTube visitor spends 11 to 24 hours a day watching videos. Many of them are suggested to you by the YouTube algorithm as soon as you stop watching the original video you selected.

Another reason for the increase in YouTube consumption is that consumers are no longer limiting themselves to watching TV and consuming videos in other ways. mainly through YouTube, although there are other popular video streaming platforms out there.

In addition, YouTube users search for solutions to problems just like they do with Google. Another popular use of YouTube is to learn and get more information about products and brands through product reviews.

This is shown by a contribution from the Think With Google platform, a source of market trend insights.

In an environment full of business opportunity, the lead is by entrepreneurs who know how to use the online medium to create creative and engaging content. That means not just selling products and services.

You want to ride this wave but you don't know exactly how?

You have come to the right place!

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20 Great YouTube Video Ideas

20 Great YouTube Video Ideas - Recording Someone Recording

To help you come up with ideas for informative or fun videos, I am going to list some insights in this article.

Feel free to use the ones that make the most sense for you and your business.

Check out the following YouTube video ideas as well as cool topic suggestions for videos that go with these ideas.

1. Explain videos

Videos are known as a content format that has fast consumption as the main advantage.

Users love videos where people or brands explain things to them.

Explanatory videos with presentations on how and how to best use your products can increase engagement and drive traffic on your channel

Audiovisual content that helps anticipate potential consumer questions can even shorten the buying cycle.

2. Review the videos

Reviews serve as social proof of what you think about a product or service.

They can be used to find new books, watch a new series on Netflix, or find a product relevant to your interests.

From the moment you share your experiences as well as your perceptions and ideas, you can help others who are interested in this topic. They influence their purchasing decisions.

A case in point are bloggers buying makeup products and making video reviews of their opinions or comparing them with other products.

Another idea for a YouTube video is to watch a series or movie and talk about how it relates to a concept that is relevant to your audience / field. This is a creative option that is likely to grab the attention of the interested audience that has also viewed this content.

3. Storytelling videos

As I mentioned here on the blog, storytelling is one of the most important forces in content these days.

After all, consumers don't just want to know about products or services. They want to understand how products can provide solutions to the problems in their life.

If you share a personal story during your YouTube video, you can help people who live in this situation or who will go through it in the future.

If you can tell a story that they empathize with, they can identify with you, and this can encourage them to spend money on your brand.

This works by talking about things like an important event in your career or sharing a challenge that you have overcome.

Some influencers use video ideas like this to talk about surgeries they underwent, how they chose their colleges, or to document their fun moments as teenagers.

To be relevant and to make sure your audience cares about your story, don't forget to adapt it to the reality of your business.

4. Video with advice and tips

Tips videos are insights or recommendations, usually filmed with a person speaking into the camera and demonstrating, that can help improve the lives of consumers, be it on a personal, professional or business level.

Would you like an example?

The article you are reading right now. It could be adapted to an audiovisual format.

In that case, I would be in the video myself and give tips on ideas for your YouTube videos. I would show you demos for each tip and I would walk you through each one. Easy to understand, right?

To be successful at tips recording YouTube videos, don't forget to think about what will make life easier for your audience and base your tips on these ideas.

These can be apps, websites, strategies, behaviors, or just creative ideas like these.

5. Q&A videos

Have you thought about reading questions from your audience and finding ways to answer them on video?

Comments and messages received on social media or on the videos themselves can be used as ideas for videos.

Starting point can be common questions from your consumers or even your own videos.

All you have to do is tell the audience that you are preparing a specific video to answer questions on a specific topic.

To further improve the organization, create a hashtag to make it easier to identify and sort these questions.

Once you've selected the most interesting questions, you can answer them, turn on the camera, and move on.

However, don't forget to mention the person who created the question so they can feel even closer to you.

This strategy will also motivate other people to interact more with your YouTube channel.

6. Webinar Video Ideas

Webinars are videos that are streamed live to promote relevant content.

This makes content more interesting and creates added value for the audience.

In general, all you need to do for a webinar is choose a good topic and save at least 20 minutes to talk about it.

If the audience responds positively, consider extending the stream.

What you need to keep in mind is that the most important thing is not the length of the video, but meeting your audience's expectations.

Done right, this is a powerful tool for establishing your authority in front of your audience.

Pro tip: Use Ubersuggest to find great webinar content ideas

Ubersuggest is a free, powerful tool that can help you find great content ideas for your webinars.

This is a great way to find out if people are looking for the topics you want to talk about in your webinar videos.

You can search for more general topics like "video marketing" as an example to see how many people are looking for that topic.

Use Ubersuggest to find great webinar content ideas - YouTube video ideas

As we can see in the example above, video marketing has an average of 4,400 searches per month on Google.

However, if you want to find more ideas, you can just scroll down the page and look at related keywords and content ideas that will help you find a good webinar topic.

Use Ubersuggest to find great webinar content ideas. 2

7. List videos

Lists are another creative and informative YouTube video idea.

Lists are simple, popular, and usually stand out because they contain quantities.

These can be lists of tips, lists of books, articles, or inspirational behaviors. You decide.

To record this type of video, start with a brief introduction to why you chose this topic.

To make it more interesting to the audience, introduce each item on the list and comment on why each item is in the order you chose.

8. DIY YouTube videos

DIY YouTube Videos - Youtube Video Ideas

DIY means doing it yourself.

While it sounds like one of those passing trends, this is a video idea that usually works well because it teaches someone how to do something on their own.

For example, this could include anything from crafts made with recyclable materials to templates for digital content.

However, in order to create this type of video, you need to master the subject of the video. If you show that you can't do what you say you are an expert on, or edit your own product, your customers can't trust you.

After all, showing that you can't teach a user how to do something can be bad for your image and your company's image.

9. Motivational videos

Words of encouragement are good for everyone.

It goes without saying that humans need encouragement and motivation to overcome difficulties and move on.

As clichéd as it sounds, everyone is happy to receive something like this.

One example is motivational videos shared on Facebook that go viral. You know the videos that you suddenly receive from several people.

To create your own motivational video, think about what you can say to help your audience feel motivated.

Prepare your speech so that it is full of emotion and record it.

This will make your videos more human and bring you and your brand even closer to your audience.

And if it goes viral, even better, right?

10. Product unboxing videos

Unboxing products is another creative YouTube video idea.

Think of a product that you just bought or received as a gift.

Next, grab the camera and open the packaging in front of your audience to show your impressions of the product you have in hand.

Digital influencers make a lot of these videos, especially to show their viewers what they “got this week”.

This is another way to help consumers anticipate their questions about the quality and appearance of certain products.

Opening items on camera will make it easier to choose them if they are still wondering whether or not it is worth buying.

11. Challenge Videos

Challenges Videos Example, Mannequin Challenge - Youtube Video Ideas

Uniquely entertaining challenge videos go viral quite easily.

Do you remember the Ice Bucket Challenge and the Mannequin Challenge? These are just two examples of challenge videos that went viral and even featured celebrities.

To make others more likely to join the challenge, try tagging the people you are challenging on your video.

Be careful when challenging celebrities because they usually require participation in these things – unless your idea is very creative and unusual.

It's worth creating your own challenges for videos.

12. Videos respond

Reactions are simply reactions and the recording of how you react to a given situation.

With good planning, these can be great ideas for fun and creative videos.

There is great freedom of subject; You can record a video that reacts to movies, sitcoms, videos from other people, or even messages you receive.

13. Gameplay Videos

Gameplay videos are becoming increasingly popular with young people who like games and are recordings that focus on that particular universe of games.

They can show you how to play your favorite game, what you think about a game you recently bought, information about releases, or how to get to the next level.

Since this is a niche type of video, only use this idea if you really understand the subject (and play well, of course).

The gamer audience is very critical and well informed about the specifics of the industry.

14. Event reporting videos

Is there an interesting event for your audience taking place in your hometown? Go there with a camera and some creative video ideas.

To make event coverage more engaging, reach out to the organizers to find out who to interview on-site.

This will make your videos more professional and new users may be directed to your channel.

15. Travel videos

Travel videos are the favorites of people who love to travel and learn about other cultures.

You've probably seen this type of content before, haven't you?

All you have to do to create this type of content is take your camera on your next trips, record your journey through these destinations, and share your experiences. You don't even have to be far from home. Chances are, everywhere you live there is something of interest nearby.

In your videos you can talk about the history and interesting facts about the places you visit. People interested in these places can find your brand through your videos about that place and open you up to potential new audiences.

It also helps people interested in visiting these regions get more information about them. It's a nice strategy that doubles as a tip, for example trips and restaurants are better value for money.

16. Tutorial videos

As the name itself suggests, tutorials are created to teach concepts or techniques to your audience.

There are a number of topics and levels of complexity conveyed by digital influencers in different industries.

Examples? How to contour your face or make your own planner.

To choose the best tutorials to share on your channel, consider your market niche and also how much you know about the topic.

Tutorial videos need to be objective and easy to replicate.

That said, your audience needs to know how to complete the task shown in the tutorial without much of a hassle.

17th day Videos

Tags are one of the newest YouTube video ideas and very interesting. They allow you to get closer to your followers.

When used in videos, tags help you sort videos by your keywords, which makes searching easier for users.

It's like a hashtag for videos that encourages user action.

It works like this:

Let's imagine I post a video with the tag "50 Facts About Me".

If YouTubers Use The Same Tag, They Have To Include 50 Facts About Themselves.

So this is like an editorial line for videos with good potential to go viral.

18. Storage videos

People like to remember things that happened at certain times. It is a fact.

But like anything your business publishes online, videos about reminders need to be relevant.

Be careful not to make anything too commercial. If you go overboard, the number of "dislikes" can increase.

YouTube posted a video about 2018 that garnered millions of views.

So far so good – but the video looks like an advertisement, not a 2018 recap.

The audience reacted very negatively to it.

And the video broke the record for most dislikes on the platform.

19. Interview videos

Interview Videos - Ideas for YouTube Videos

Guest participation can also become ideas for creative YouTube videos.

By hiring an expert on a specific topic, you can offer more relevant content to your audience and even enrich the audience experience with your videos.

You and your host can assemble your audience.

It's an exchange where both sides win.

Did you get a great response from your audience? Consider making interviews a regular part of your video channel.

Your audience will be happy!

20. Chalk talk

Have you ever seen a YouTube video of an expert on a particular topic showing their argument on a blackboard, like when you were at school? This technique is called chalk talk.

It works like a video lesson with drawings, graphics, flowcharts, and text written on a whiteboard.

If the content is relevant and useful to the public, the chances of being “liked” and commented positively are very high.

Bottom Line – Which YouTube Idea Are You Going To Use First?

There are many YouTube video ideas out there in the digital universe. You can choose which types of ideas spark you and which mesh with your brand.

The more authentic, creative, enthusiastic, and relevant you are, the more your audience will like you.

If you need help with a video marketing strategy, let our agency know. Our team of experts can help you!

Did you like the tip we shared in this article? Let us know in the comments if you've used any of these video ideas before or have any other tips to share with the readers of this blog.

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