15 Actionable Examples of Trend Advertising

From high fashion to a terrible fashion sense, wherever we fall on the spectrum, fashion marketing comes online, on television, in catalogs, on billboards, window shopping and more. We are bombarded with messages of what to wear and why.

If you're on the marketing or sales side of fashion, how do you use your message to reach the right buying audience? This guide will teach you what fashion marketing really is and how to develop your own strategy when working in the fashion space.

What is fashion marketing?

Because we interact with fashion marketing so often from a consumer perspective, we may think we have a clear picture of what's behind it. We may have an idea of ​​what fashion marketing is, but we may not understand all of the logistics behind it.

Fashion marketing is about promoting and promoting fashion in different ways in the right market, from print to online, in person to digital. Remember that there is more than just clothing. It is also accessories such as hats, shoes, jewelry and outerwear that help people connect with and showcase a particular style.

What is the difference between fashion marketing and marketing in other industries?

While any industry can take advantage of the vast world of marketing opportunities, fashion marketing has its own unique practical implications that can affect certain marketing decisions.

Like any type of marketing, fashion marketing has to start from a pain point, and there is often an obvious pain point as well as the deeper why.

For example, there is naturally hunger for food marketing, but there are also reasons why you might want to buy, cook, or eat these foods.

Let's go back to fashion marketing and think about this obvious point first. There is a practical side to fashion marketing. We have to wear clothes. Fashion marketing tells us which ones to wear.

Then there is the deeper why. It's not just about protecting your body from the elements. Style is about being part of a community and expressing something about yourself.

This is the story brands can tell in their marketing campaigns.

When fashion marketers consider these vulnerabilities and their consumers' motivations, they also need to think about seasonal changes and when consumers will be ready to shop for the next season.

You also need to be ahead of style trends while maintaining a balance with practical options for consumers. Price points are another sensitive issue for fashion marketers. Fashion can range from economical and economical to high quality and luxurious.

We can learn a lot from luxury marketing, but it's important to remember that fashion marketing can also encompass a more accessible and inclusive market.

15 examples of great fashion marketing

There are many ways to get your fashion brand known, but you can get a lot of tips from well-known brands that are out there.

1. Allbirds

Examples of Great Fashion Marketing - Allbirds

It's hard to know what an item will look like on your own body when you order the product online. Allbirds promoted an in-app try-on experience. With the help of augmented reality, you can use the try-on feature to see what the shoes would look like on your own feet. To promote this feature, Allbirds created a social media ad series with a video showing you how to do a virtual try-on. The ad also addresses the brand's environmental issues.

2. Warby Parker

Examples of Great Fashion Marketing - Warby Parker

Warby Parker did something similar to help his customers get an idea of ​​what their glasses would look like on themselves before they order. They created an app-based, virtual try-on and a series of television commercials to promote the app. Since it's a relatively new idea that many may not be as familiar with, TV commercials show how it works and how customers can try on glasses to decide which ones to order.

3. Patagonia

Examples of Great Fashion Marketing - Patagonia

Patagonia also wanted to use their marketing efforts to talk to a specific cause bigger than their own brand. To promote environmental awareness and better use of resources, they launched a Worn Wear campaign. They went on an overland trip with a team of people who could fix clothes. People were invited to bring worn clothes and receive new life. This type of long-term marketing effort is quite an endeavor, but the feeling of giving back to the community that is in line with your brand's philosophies can be tried locally by any brand as well.

4. Ted Baker

Ted Baker developed an interactive catalog or lookbook with a 360-degree movie experience. The video consists of various vignette scenes of a mid-century family in their home and their neighborhood. The scenes are relatively minimal in order to really showcase the clothing. It was accompanied by a series of commercial-style videos with the hashtag #MeetTheBakers. Even if you don't have the Ted Baker budget, anyone can use videos to introduce their clothes to the whole family and highlight how they can be worn in everyday life or in the imagination.


Examples of Great Fashion Marketing - DKNY

DKNY harnessed the power of hashtags and a four-letter brand in its # DKNYStateofMind campaign. This hashtag became popular with influencers, bloggers, and other content creators. Not only did they start a new line with it, but they also used inspirational graphic messages with the letters D, K, N and Y highlighted. It showed who they are as a brand, both in their clothes and in their message.

6. Everlane

Examples of great fashion marketing - Everlane

One of the challenges in selling fashion is helping buyers understand how a piece would work in their wardrobe. Just a single picture in a catalog or on a sign may not be convincing enough. Everlane created an influencer marketing campaign asking fashion bloggers to create three looks with their overalls. This helped potential buyers see the versatility of their product as well as the different women who wear it. Everlane shared these on social media, but they have also been posted on blogger websites like The Golden Girl Blog. This was great for SEO and backlinks for Everlane.

7. Nike

Examples of great fashion marketing - Nike

Sometimes it's about more than just selling shoes. Fashion marketing can sometimes pick up causes or philosophies that are bigger than just the clothes they sell. Even if ads take this approach, it's about the pursuit that is closely related to fashion. We wear what we wear to send a message of sorts.

Nike has a long history of memorable ads, from “Just Do It” to their Colin Kaepernick “Believe in Something” campaign. This type of fashion marketing doesn't necessarily show the actual products, but it does get people talking, like in this Forbes article. By taking a stand and building a campaign on it, fashion brands can adapt to a specific ambition or mindset that can convince consumers to buy and wear their products to fit that mission as well.

8. Lululemon

Examples of great fashion marketing - lululemon

In a similar (pun intended) way to Nike, Lululemon has used the community to build their brand. They talk about believing in what their sportswear can help people by living the life they want.

They use their social media platforms to create this community, share ideas and tips, and enable others to share their experiences through their ambassador program. With that in mind, they use these platforms not only to share their clothes, but also to share guidelines that they expect from themselves and those in their community. That way, like Nike, you can take advantage of inclusive marketing in an ambitious way.

9. Soil

Examples of Great Fashion Marketing - Boden

When it comes to fashion marketing, sometimes it's about being there with the right offer at the right time. In other words, keeping it simple can be one of the most effective fashion marketing programs out there. Here is an example of a floor Facebook post that highlights the swimsuits with beach pictures. It happened in April when spring is slowly warming up and people are dreaming of summer vacations and beach plans. If you see this post this season, daydreamers can click through with this discount incentive.

10. Stringless

Examples of Great Fashion Marketing - Threadless

Social media campaigns are also a great way to tell your brand story. In fashion marketing, the story behind the products can be as important as the products themselves. Explain to consumers how products were created, including the design process and production. People want to know where their clothes and accessories come from and are fascinated by interesting stories. Threadless uses its social media posts to speak to independent artists about its work in creating unique product lines. People who are looking for a different look and also want to support independent artists will resonate with this story.

11. Levi's

Examples of Great Fashion Marketing - Threadless

We've talked about fashion marketing in terms of aspiration and bigger thinking, as well as branding storytelling. Levi has built a campaign around its water saving measures. They developed a trademark for their techniques called Water <Less ™. They shared this story on their website and on their social media.

12. Feces

Examples of Great Fashion Marketing - Kotn

Another way to use word of mouth marketing is to exchange reviews from customers. In a sponsored Facebook post, Kotn used a review from a customer who spoke about the company's ethics and commitment to sustainability. They paired this review with a picture of a product and a link to go shopping. They also included their return policy which is a good reminder for those who shop online and cannot try on.

13. Atlas supply

Examples of Great Fashion Marketing - Atlas Supply

Engaging consumers with a brand is a part of fashion marketing. Customers can be loyal to certain fashion brands that they believe in and whose values ​​they are guided by, as explained above. It's great to find ways that customers can be involved in the entire process from design to sale to build that loyalty. Atlas Supply did so in an Instagram post asking followers to help them name their next product in exchange for a free bag.

14. Tommy Hilfiger

Examples of Great Fashion Marketing - Tommy Hilfiger

Sometimes fashion marketing is about not just being up to date with the design and style, but also with the design and style. Tommy Hilfiger announced that it will include 3D design in its process to leverage digital opportunities and be more sustainable. To create more buzz, they not only launched the process, they announced that their Spring 2022 line will be styled this way to provide something to watch out for fashion fans.

15. ThredUP

Examples of great fashion marketing - ThredUp

As mentioned earlier, working with your loyal customer base is a great way to share your message and get your brand known. Allowing customers who love your brand to share in their own way can add authenticity to your fashion marketing instead of just talking all the time. ThredUP has included sections on its YouTube channel where user-generated content is shared.


Fashion marketing covers a wide range of brands, from economical to luxurious. What they all have in common, however, is the need to understand your target audience and understand why they are wearing what they are wearing.

Ecommerce fashion marketing touches on everything from the actual products to aspirations and bigger causes. Consumers can learn from loyal customers what they love about your products, how they are made, what your brand stands for and much more.

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What new fashion marketing idea would you like to try for your brand?

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