12 tricks to higher talk and enhance enterprise outcomes

Whether you need to take advantage of new technology, involve employees to achieve better results for customers, or just want to meet your business goals, good communication is essential to any strategy for success. Strong leadership communicators know that communication, when effective, does a lot more than make people feel comfortable. It is directly related to the business results.

In fact, good communication is inseparable from strong leadership. It inspires employees to do their best by helping them understand the company's goals and how their individual efforts contribute to overall success.

Here are 12 proven communication ideas that will produce results:

1. Don't settle for the good … be great: Good communication gets the message across, good communication connects the dots. Whether or not it is on your detailed job description, your job is to connect the dots so that others know what is possible and what their role is in it.

2. Build trust and credibility: Be visible and approachable, engage others openly, fully, and early.

3. Define context and make information relevant: Remember to provide the context and make information relevant so that your audiences understand how it fits and what that means to them. Provide job-related information so those you work with have the essential information they need to do their jobs effectively and / or make the best decisions.

4. Communicate with integrity: Always tell the truth without exception.

5. Customize your words and actions: Talking is cheap … especially when it comes to leaders and their ability to build and maintain trust. Just ask someone (especially an employee). Ultimately, it is the actions and results that matter most.

6. Take the time to communicate and make the most of this time: Establish regular face-to-face (this can be virtual) (or voice-to-voice) communication.

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7. Be short and brilliant: Be ready to get your point across in 15 seconds or less. Draw attention to yourself right from the start and convince your listener what's in it for them to want to hear more.

8. Think about the basics, 5Ws and an H.: This is the who, what, where, when, why and how. Remember that adults usually process the "what" and then the "why".

9. Use stories: The right anecdote can be worth a thousand theories or facts.

10. Check understanding: Make sure your message is heard and really understood. Ask questions. Listen. Ask for a paraphrase.

11. Know your audience and what is important to them: Understanding your target audience is key to getting employees to act. The more you know about them, the better you can convince them.

12. Watch out for information overload: Just because you say something doesn't mean others will hear and understand you. And isn't that the whole point of communication – creating a common understanding and getting people to act? The answer is yes!

Which of the 12 tips could have the greatest positive impact on your communication?

– David Grossman

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