12 finest touchdown web page examples

Let me ask you a question …

Would you rather have a beautiful website or a website that your customers will love?

From a business perspective, you shouldn't go for it either.

Your answer must be 100%. I want a high-converting website.

Because when people buy, they both like it and you can safely and predictably scale your business.

Many people fall into the trap of creating designs they like while their perfect customer avatar is so much different from what they would imagine.

And that can easily be noticed by clicking on ads you see on social media.

You might like the ad itself, but most of the time, the landing page on the other side isn't what you want to see.

The connection between your traffic and your landing page is said to be precise Message to the market fit.

You want your message to fit your market perfectly so you can start with a profit funnel that only goes up from there.

Because if you screw up there, you'd be tweaking and tweaking small components that are barely making you break even.

But when you hit your message, you will be taking customers left and right without knowing why or how they got to you.

It is your strongest weapon and most companies get it completely wrong.

To help you and guarantee your immediate success, we're going to go through the 12 best landing page examples that you should use to scale your business.

We go through each individual's strengths and weaknesses and make sure you find one that is a perfect fit for your company.

After this post, you can create high converting landing pages like "Magic".

But before we do that we have to go over …

What makes a great landing page?

This question depends entirely on your needs.

Let me ask you a few questions that will help clear your mind and think in the right direction.

# 1 What do you want to achieve with your landing page?

Your most common options are:

  • Get people to sign up for a topic for free value
  • Selling a low-ticket product directly, such as a book or mini-course
  • Free trial offer for a monthly service or software
  • Free + shipping offer where you count on upsells to make a profit

You need to know exactly what offer you want to showcase on your landing page before creating it.

Of course, there are other offers that you can make, but this is about clarifying which one you want to use for your business.

If you're not sure, see the example below for several examples.

For the next question, you need to ask yourself now …

# 2 Are you committed to this project or are you just trying out one offer?

Creating an up-converting landing page isn't an overnight hassle.

You may spend months tweaking an unprofitable landing page before it generates real returns.

And if you are not ready for this, I recommend that you exit the program before you even start.

Yes, you can get a lucky shot and hit a home run from your first try, but relying on it is a delusion.

Be ready for the long game so that you can get the long term wins that are so much sweeter than momentary satisfaction.

And to the last question …

# 3 What's your budget?

Before you start designing your up-converting landing page, you need to have a solid budget.

You can't expect everything to go smoothly throughout the process.

Problems will arise and most of the time the easiest and fastest way to do this is to pay someone who is an expert in the field.

This could be a developer, a funnel designer / builder, an ad specialist, or a CRO consultant.

Either way, you should be willing to pay someone to do it right so you don't end up with the same problems over and over again.

There is a rule of thumb in marketing and life that you should quit your job and then let someone else evaluate you.

With landing pages, of course, you need to run some ads and see if the traffic is converting.

If so, increase your ad budget and try to scale.

If it doesn't convert at first, you should have a professional check it out.

And even if you've already hired someone to build it for you, don't expect them to help you here.

Yes, it can optimize your site, but you have to keep in mind that people are emotionally attached to their work.

That is why you need a third party to help you.

Especially when it comes to optimizing a landing page for conversions, you need to consider the idea of ​​hiring an agency.

Large marketing agencies these days had hundreds, if not thousands, of customers who were in your exact situation.

For this reason, it is best to hire a marketing agency to increase your conversion.

And when it comes to CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization), there is no better choice than NP Digital.

It's simply the best marketing agency for SEO and CRO.

If you are at the stage where you want to tweak your existing landing page but you don't know exactly how to do it …

Then you should book a quick call with a professional to discover the secret conversion optimization methods your business needs.

And now for the main event …

The best 12 landing page examples

These are the 12 best landing page examples we could find.

We'll judge them based on conversions, offerings, design, and customer experience.

# 1 response received

Get Response is an example of a simple but interactive landing page example.

You can see the Get Response team is bold as it is the only software in the industry that uses an interactive headline.

The yellow sign in the picture below alternates between the words "Grow", "Leads" and "Sales".

That makes it a great attention grabbing headline that just gets you read.

Plus, they use a friendly, positive face, which we don't see very often in companies that don't focus on a personal brand.

That's not a bad thing, of course. It automatically creates trust and makes it easier for users to sign up for their software.

# 2 Slack

Slack is always up to date when it comes to landing pages.

They are constantly being optimized for conversions. This is the best way to find your landing page.

Their current version is once again extremely interactive, has an eye-catching heading and also shows how easy it is to use the software with a quick 5 second flick of the wrist.

You can see from the start that they value customer satisfaction. If you're still unsure, scrolling down will result in uninterrupted credibility and results that will prove your authority in the marketplace.

# 3 intercom

The main goal of Intercom on this landing page is to get you to sign in with your email.

Just keeping it by email can increase your sign up rate.

A great, positive headline that will put you in the right mood to act now.

The images they used perfectly represent the main USP of the headline.

You can see an overall friendly environment and only need to sign in once you get to this page.

# 4 Lyft

Lyft has climbed the charts for the past few years and their website, landing page, and entire online funnel are not missing.

They focus on attracting new drivers who want to control their own lives.

Promising your employees freedom while they work for you can help set the best candidates apart from your competitors.

We know Lyft has used multiple landing pages in the past, but the current one shows real professionalism.

Again we see a huge, attention-grabbing headline. This time with a question to anticipate curiosity and the thought process in their perspectives.

And check the "APPLY TO DRIVE" button. This means that you are not 100% sure that you can get to the position.

When your clients have to compete to get your attention, they are making an effort to try harder on the job themselves.

# 5 Zoho

Zoho's landing page is a great example of more complicated, yet extremely powerful, messaging.

They use more text than the average software in the industry, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.

For their particular case, they need to convert the prospect to start a free trial which will automatically build tension in a prospect knowing there will be a time to pay.

And converting someone to pay is much harder than just getting their email.

Because of this, using more text in the messages makes for a powerful copywriting punch that maximizes registration for free trials.

# 6 Squarespace

Squarespace tops the list with the least amount of text in their landing page design.

At first, you might think that this is not enough to convert someone.

However, once you find out that it is a website builder, you can see how the design and the fast and powerful messaging are all you need to get signed up.

They know that their prospects are mostly struggling with complicated code and want to provide a safe place to relax and drag and drop their successful website design around.

# 7 ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign focuses solely on showing you how the software offers the best possible customer experience.

And when you're a business owner, you both want to be treated well and to help your customers through difficult times.

Your headline hits 2 birds with one stone and again there is no useless text or design.

Everything leads to the big green button and you start your free trial.

# 8 hubspot

Hubspot is another CRM that's high on the list today.

Just like ActiveCampaign, they show you that using their software will help you and your customers feel better throughout the process.

Knowing that the number one reason for having the ideal customer is that learning a completely new CRM from scratch can be difficult, tedious, and possibly even impossible, helps them get their message straight to the point.

# 9 Shopify Plus

Shopify is one of the most popular platforms in the online space today and they know it.

Since they have grown rapidly over the years, they were able to test several landing page designs to find one that could be converted.

And the Shopify Plus landing page will be displayed for it.

Your main goal is to book a consultation with your prospect that is more than just a few words.

They have the budget to shoot professional quality videos for all of their products and services in order to convey valuable information to their potential customers in the fastest way possible – videos.

You can see strong credibility below. If you take the time to watch the video, you will most likely book a call with them.

Videos are a deadly weapon in the hands of the right company, and Shopify proves it here and pretty much with everything they do.

# 10 webflow

Webflow shows the software's insights instantly when you land on its landing page.

You can see instant credibility from major websites that have used their services and you can get started for free too.

That breaks any tension the prospect might have.

Additionally, you can see that their software is similar to Photoshop.

So, if you've ever used Adobe products, you know immediately that this work will be a breeze for you.

# 11 ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels uses its software to convert you for a free trial.

And even if you're skeptical, you can play around with the funnel sides and buttons to see the responsiveness of today's funnels.

You can see that they are using more text than the average website / funnel builder.

But once again they are trying to convert people to start a 14 day free trial which is not an easy task.

They also use high performing videos that are sold directly to their ideal customers.

And the best part is the analysis they slapped on their landing page.

It is a bold and powerful step when done correctly.

The way these analytics are created keep them updated, and it's not just over 100,000 users as you may see on other platforms.

ClickFunnels values ​​its customers' success stories and is always there to record every result.

It's one of the more difficult landing page designs, but if you do, your conversions will skyrocket.

# 12 Conversion Lab

Conversion Lab has used this landing page design for years.

We found that they split up different button CTAs like booking a call, free consultation, and more.

Keeping the founder on the main site of the site creates a long-term relationship that many businesses are missing out on these days.

They clearly state their services using their compelling headline. Even if you're not ready to book a consultation with them, a pop-up window will appear and your email will be recorded.

Email follow-up is a great way to ensure that a high percentage of the potential customers that land on your website are booking a call with you.

That's all for our list today.

To conclude what you need to know as you build your landing page …

  • Find out what your best customers are struggling with the most and destroy that objection right away with a short and powerful headline.
  • Use credibility and videos whenever possible.
  • Know your goals – is it to get their email, call, place a call, start a free / paid trial, or something else?
  • Clear and easy to follow call to action

And always, always optimize.

You CANNOT be perfect from day one. Every company on this list tests their sites dozens, if not hundreds, of times before a winner is determined.

And even then, they still optimize.

Have you ever tried creating a landing page? How did it go – did it convert well and what were your biggest breakthroughs?