10 Small Enterprise Examples of the Finest Instagram BIOS

Instagram is very popular. The image-heavy platform is the fifth most popular social media network in the world with over 1.2 billion users.

If you are not present on Instagram, you are missing out on building audiences and increasing your sales.

To get the most out of Instagram, create a solid Instagram bio so that users can get a clear and concise idea of ​​who you are, what you are about, and most importantly, what you can offer them.

Here are ten of the best Instagram bios for small business and explain why they are excellent. We'll also give you tips on building a strong bio and the must-haves to include on your business account.

10 of the best Instagram bios for small business

Here are some small business Instagram bios that hit the bull's eye and why. We have also included food stalls that you can use for your own business.

1. Ellevest

best Instagram BIOS - ellevest instagram page bio

Ellevest is a digital investment platform. CEO Sallie Lee Krawcheck co-founded the company to empower women to have more control over their financial futures.

Why this Instagram bio is great

Ellevest's Instagram bio works because it clearly states who the company is for (by women, for women), what industry it operates in (financial services), and what type of business model it uses (on a membership basis). This gives the reader a good idea of ​​the target audience and what they will achieve through the service.

The company also includes a Linktree link in their bio, a platform that allows you to display additional links to content that you want to share with your followers. This link directs users to several brand blog posts and membership websites.

You can borrow this for your own small business. After all, a Linktree link isn't just a way to share content: it can take people straight to your landing pages on Instagram, reducing the noise so they can shop from you more easily.

2. Pura Vida bracelets

best instagram bios - pure vida

Pura Vida, which translates as “Pure Life”, is more than just a bracelet dealer. The company has a community of over 800 artisans in countries such as Costa Rica, El Salvador, and India who make money making home-made jewelry.

Why this Instagram bio is great

First of all, the Instagram biography of Pura Vida Bracelets is structured with different emojis, which saves space and creates a fun atmosphere. "Fun" works here because the company shows tons of colorful pictures of smiling people modeling the products – it's a brand.

Second, the Emojis-as-Bullet-Points help to clearly articulate the main focus of the biography, especially "FREE SHIPPING". This is good for small businesses, especially if your main competitors aren't offering it.

Finally, the brand hashtag #PuraVidaBracelets is a nice touch. Small business retailers should consider implementing a personalized hashtag to socially listen to UGC and re-share across social networks as their brand names are published.

3. The freckled chicken farmhouse

best instagram bios - the freckled chicken farmhouse

Freckled Hen Farmhouse was created by lifestyle blogger Natalie Freeman and her husband Luke and is both a brick and mortar and online shopping destination. This general store has everything from housewares to local produce to gardening supplies.

Why this Instagram bio is great

Freckled Hen Farmhouse's Instagram bio is not aimed at one audience over another. Instead, it is aimed at both in-person and online buyers.

The bio includes the opening times, local delivery options, and phone number. In addition, the company is putting its rental home in the biography, offering loyal customers more opportunities to spend money on the brand. Finally, it includes a Linktree link that leads to the store website, newsletter sign-up page, and seasonal and year-round category pages.

If you're a small business with an online and offline space, it's a good idea to talk to all of your customers on your Instagram bio.

4. Lush cosmetics

best instagram bios - lushcosmetics

Lush is a value-oriented brand. Founded in London, the cosmetics company prides itself on fresh products, no unnecessary ingredients and cruelty-free testing.

Why this Instagram bio is great

Unlike our other examples, Lush Cosmetics' Instagram bio keeps it short and sweet, saying, "We're creating a cosmetics revolution to save the planet," followed by two emojis, the branded hashtag, and a Linktree link.

The message is direct, and words and phrases like "Revolution" and "Save the Planet" feel bold and exciting when from a makeup brand. Likewise, small brands can and should experiment with how they describe their business as long as it feels relevant – otherwise it will appear confusing or worse, spurious.

This bio is also a great reminder that just because you have more space, you don't have to use it. That in itself is a move away from jam-packed bios and even a bit of a surprise. Our brains like novelty, so don't be afraid to do things a little differently for your business.

5. Later

best Instagram BIOS - later Instagram page bio

Later is a leading Instagram marketing platform. The company has millions of users, and social media experts, brands, and influencers can use the tool to manage content on Instagram, Pinterest, and even TikTok.

Why this Instagram bio is great

There are a ton of things that work for the Instagram bio later on. First, the company does an excellent job of expanding the copy beyond its name to better reach users on the platform who may be looking for this type of service (social marketing platform).

By improving Instagram SEO with relevant keywords, the brand increases its chances of being found. "Later" is also a common word. So it's good to add more context for seekers.

Next, the company says it is the "# 1 Marketing Platform for Instagram". Piggybacked by SEO, this is good for potential users to market.

Small businesses can tweak their BIOS with the appropriate keywords and perform boastful performances to grab readers' attention.


Best Instagram Bios - Aloha Instagram Page Bio

ALOHA produces USDA organic, vegan and gluten-free protein powders, beverages and groceries. The brand shares many recipes and UGC on their website and on social media platforms.

Why this Instagram bio is great

The ALOHA Instagram biography takes a page from Later's book and confirms the company as an industry leader. While keeping copy to a minimum, the brand focuses on the keywords that are important to their customers, such as "organic" and "vegetable".

ALOHA also changed its profile picture to show that it has been labeled a Certified B Corporation. Among other things, these companies must meet strict social and environmental standards. If your small business has a prestigious award or has received a major award, this is where you should highlight it.

7. Local

best instagram bios - local hotel instagram page bio

A couple started the eatery hotel after considering how they could improve the Airbnbs they stayed at and hospitality in general. This home-from-home brand offers hyper-local accommodations in the Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey areas.

Why this Instagram bio is great

The Lokal Hotel's Instagram bio covers a lot of ground. It contains a specific category: “Boutique Hotels | Cabins ”instead of just“ Hotel ”so that those looking for that special experience can find it, and expand it with“ Apartment Suites and Houses ”.

In addition to the location and the brand hashtag, the biography points to the Linktree, where guests can book their stay, sign up for the newsletter and much more.

Other small businesses, especially in this area, can use this biography as a guide. By centralizing all of this information, you can keep potential guests on your side longer.


Best Instagram Bios - Goodee Instagram Page Bio

GOODEE is a top online marketplace. Designers and entrepreneurs Byron and Dexter Peart founded the company to curate brands that not only looked good, but also sparkled well. As such, they only work with craftsmen who prioritize positive environmental or social impacts.

Why this Instagram bio is great

The GOODEE Instagram biography describes what the business is (a curated marketplace) and the focus it has (good design meets good cause). As with ALOHA, the reference to the company's B Corp designation and 1% for Planet certification is in line with its mission and signaling to consumers what is important to the company.

This is both sincere and wise: 72 percent of US consumers believe it is important "to buy from companies that reflect their values," according to Retail TouchPoints.

So if your small business is value driven, don't be afraid to include this in your marketing and news. After all, you are also looking for the customers you are looking for.

9. Rumpl

Best Instagram Bios - Rumpl Instagram Page Bio

Rumpl is active in the outdoor industry and keeps campers and adventurers warm. After a successful Kickstarter start, the company continues to grow and expand its inventory.

Why this Instagram bio is great

The simplicity of the Rumpl Instagram biography lies in its beauty. It mentions its most famous object – blankets – and gives a brief, comprehensible description of the materials it contains. The company also mentions the appearance of the "Shark Tank" and includes a branded hashtag and a link to a current giveaway.

Instagram contests are popular and can accelerate your brand growth. This is especially true when you work with another company and can leverage each other's audience. Your small business should take this into account (and then of course promote it on your Instagram bio!).

10. Letterfolk

Best Instagram Bios - Letterfolk Instagram Page Bio

This home decor store makes letterboards, tile sets, stationery, and more. Letterfolk was founded by a couple and the company has built a huge following thanks to its well-designed products and national press hits.

Why this Instagram bio is great

Instead of using the company's Instagram bio to instruct followers to use specific hashtags, Letterfolk invites its followers to review them and say, "See LF products in the wild," followed by relevant hashtags. This hashtag enables consumers to view and view how other people are using their products. This tweak instantly makes it feel more community-oriented.

Another notable difference: the biography states that Joanna and Johnny are not only a married couple, but also a small business.

Since some buyers are specifically looking to shop with smaller businesses, this is a great way to reach out to potential buyers. If you don't get your small business on your bio, consider adding it and see if engagement increases.

5 Tips for Creating the Best Instagram Bio for Your Small Business

After seeing examples of some of the best Instagram bios for business, let's summarize the top ways to make your bios stand out.

1. Use creative elements

Some brands add emojis to the mix in their Instagram bios. These symbols not only underline the personality of your brand, but can also influence readability. This could help make your messages stand out from the rest. You might want to try reducing copying and adding more white space by pasting emojis.

Brands can also change font styles in their Instagram bios. This makes for variety. However, make sure the script is readable and don't use it too often.

2. Show your brand's personality

You want to capture the personality of your brand in your Instagram bio. Experiment with copies, emojis, and other creative methods to demonstrate this.

Also, don't be afraid to play around a bit and have fun with your followers. Drizly's Instagram bio comes to mind:

best Instagram BIOS - drizly instagram page bio

However, be careful not to confuse “social media” as an excuse to deviate from your familiar brand voice. For example, a hospital that uses laughing emojis in their bio would not be suitable – and could even make patients nervous! Alternatively, displaying emojis on the BarkBox Instagram bio is entirely in keeping with the company's reputation.

Bottom line: know your brand and your audience.

3. Share user-generated content

You don't have to develop a campaign to create a hashtag – although that doesn't hurt. Creating a hashtag that is unique to your small business is a great way to build brand awareness and help build your community.

Create a hashtag that includes your company name or captures your ethos. For example, when you think of #JustDoIt, chances are your brain is going to Nike.

From there, you can encourage your customers to include your hashtag in their social posts and re-share that User Generated Content (UGC) on your channels.

You can also use UGC for stories and other content. Incentives for users to share posts with your hashtag for discounts, contests, or just the chance to potentially show them off on your platforms.

4. Clearly state the purpose of your brand

You only have so many characters to work with in your Instagram bio. Use this area to clearly state what your small business is doing and ask directly. For example:

  • Do you want to build a community? Add your branded hashtag and ask followers to use it.
  • Are you looking for newsletter subscribers? Include a link in your bio.
  • Do you want to increase sales? Add a linktree that links to multiple product pages so users can find what they're looking for.

Whatever your goal, be clear about it.

5. Add links, hashtags, and more

You have a tough time when it comes to characters in the bio itself. However, there are options to expand on more details about your business and even promote your other business or personal pages. Consider the following:

  • intentional calls to action (CTAs)
  • Instagram handles for your other related brands
  • Your location and hours of operation if you own a physical store
  • Your contact information
  • Your brand hashtag
  • Links to current promotions or competitions
  • A Linktree link (or a similar link) directs readers to other content


The best Instagram bios authentically fit your brand and serve your users.

By looking at the biographies of the sites we have listed, you can get an idea of ​​what works across the board. See what your competitors are doing too, and don't be afraid to experiment with different formats.

Social media is an important aspect of digital marketing. Our agency can help you if you have problems developing a social media strategy. We also offer content marketing and SEO support.

Once you've spruced up your page, Instagram can be a powerful marketing tool for your business. So don't skimp on putting the work into it.

What do you like about your favorite brands' Instagram bios?

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