10 nice testimonial examples of touchdown pages

Landing pages help drive traffic, increase conversions, and improve search engine optimization. Not all landing pages are effective, however. If your landing pages aren't producing results, the problem may not be with your copy or your product. This may be because you are not using testimonials efficiently.

Below are ten different examples of landing page testimonials, and explain why they work and how they build trust. First, let's explain why they're so important to brands.

Why should you include testimonials on your landing page?

The main purpose of a landing page is to convert visitors and move them through your sales funnel. Ideally, you have a fantastic copy that you can use to convince customers that you can solve their problems.

However, consumers don't trust brands – they trust other people. According to the Edelman Trust Barometer special report, only a third of consumers trust brands to do the best they can for their customers and the world around them.

Who do you trust? Other consumers. In fact, 92 percent of consumers say they trust word of mouth marketing more than any other type of marketing.

Testimonials on landing pages can also help:

  • Increase relevance by mentioning specific vulnerabilities that the customer is facing
  • As consumers who read testimonials, the likelihood of conversions is 58 percent higher
  • Present key features in an easy-to-read format
  • Identify use cases that may not be highlighted in the marketing copy

10 testimonial examples for landing pages

Including testimonials on a landing page is a powerful way to increase trust, get clicks, and overcome objections. However, the formatting of these testimonials can have a drastic impact on how well they accomplish these goals.

The following testimonial examples show some of the most effective ways to successfully use testimonials based on target audience and landing page type.

1. Blue apron uses rotating testimonials

Blue Apron, a home meal kit company, uniquely leverages the power of testimonials on its pricing page. The testimonials are plain text without pictures. However, they still stand out.

Here is the first testimonial on the page:

Examples of references

It highlights the novelty of meal sets, encouraging users who think they will be bored. A few seconds later the testimony changes to this:

Testimonial Examples for Landing Pages - Blue Apron uses rotating testimonials

This testimonial focuses on how healthy the meals are, which is great for customers who are concerned about their health. By changing the testimonials every few seconds, Blue Apron can display a variety of reviews to potentially address various consumers' vulnerabilities. The change is also visually appealing, which draws viewers' attention.

2. Business-Software.com offers authoritative testimonials

Business-Software.com provides buyers and sellers with incredibly detailed reviews of the popular business technology. On their landing page for Salesforce, a popular sales and marketing tool, they use a testimonial to highlight one of their reports.

Not only is the testimonial visually appealing because of its bright colors and clean icons, but it also has other meaning because it comes from a recognizable, authoritative person in the field: James White of Active Spectrum.

Testimonial examples for landing pages - bizsoftware

Using a testimony from an authority figure helps build trust. People often assume that someone in a position of authority likes a product, service, or job, and our chances are good too.

Putting the rating next to a download form is also an interesting strategy. Most brands use testimonials to drive sales, not leads. However, this can help attract leads by encouraging them to fill out forms.

3. MarketerHire increases trust

MarketerHire is a company dedicated to connecting businesses and marketers. The MarketHire feature testimonials on their website specifically show how they help in fixing vulnerabilities.

Landing Page Testimonial Examples - MarketHire

These testimonials address concerns about the difficulty of using the service, concerns about hiring during tough times, and concerns about trying a service like MarketerHire in general. Knowing that other users have similar vulnerabilities and that MarketerHire is an effective solution can build trust.

The pictures of the individual testimonial providers as well as their name and position help readers to trust that these reviews are real and accurate. The images and logos are also eye-catching and invite scrollers to take a closer look.

4. InseevInteractive offers more testimonials without taking up more space

If a few testimonials are good, a lot of testimonials should be great, right? That is not completely right.

If you want to include testimonials on your landing page, be careful not to include too many. If you go overboard with the testimonial examples, you can overwhelm your leads and move with your competitor.

InsevInteractive, a marketing company, found a way around this challenge by installing buttons that visitors could use to see more testimonials or read in-depth case studies.

Testimonial Examples Used on Landing Pages - InseevInteractive

This testimonial example harnesses the power of social evidence and keeps customers ready to move on to assignments. If a customer needs a little more information, they can simply click on it to read more.

As powerful as testimonials are, it's important that you don't pull people out of your sales funnel with distracting elements. This example shows that fine line perfectly.

5. Teamwork contains conspicuous signs of trust

Teamwork is a project management tool designed to grow with businesses and is ideal for small businesses and startups. However, there are dozens of similar tools out there. Where do they stand out?

One factor that sets them apart is the use of testimonials

Teamwork has two testimonial sections on the landing page. The first has a picture of the person and a short review:

    Testimonial examples - Conspicuous signs of trust

This testimonial example is characterized by the trust symbols that teamwork uses among Donna. These show the tool as a reliable, award-winning tool. They're also bright and eye-catching when users scroll down.

Further down the page you can find more testimonials from Twitter.

    Testimonial examples - Conspicuous signs of trust

Sharing tweets, which can be reviewed when readers want additional work, builds trust in the brand. Teamwork also uses the buttons on either side of the Tweets that users can use to scroll through more testimonials if needed.

Offering more testimonials without overwhelming an entire page with them is powerful because it shows a wide range of people who like your product. It gives potential customers the opportunity to find a review that addresses their concerns.

6. Theme uses an eye-catching design

Topic is an AI-powered content tool that brands can use to quickly create better quality content. They harness the power of testimonials by including a ton of testimonials on their landing page:

Testimonial Examples Used on Landing Pages - Subject

These testimonials are characterized by careful attention to the design. Each review includes the reviewer's picture, full name, and position, which can help build confidence and give the section a clean, professional look.

Each rating is divided into cards to keep them clear and easy to read. The logos and small profile pictures are visually appealing and draw the eye to each rating.

This testimonial example is very important for several reasons: the design is on point, the reviews are eye-catching, and they use various other strategies, e.g. B. Using authoritative reviewers and including images.

7. Booker adds five stars to grab attention

The vast majority of internet users do not read. skim them. Booker, a business management platform for beauty companies, found a way to grab the attention of the scanners while harnessing the power of testimonials.

They use several testimonial examples to highlight what people love about their software on their corporate governance landing page.

In addition to the company names and short testimonials, they contain symbols and star ratings.

Testimonial Examples Used on Landing Pages - Booker

The five stars allow users to simply scroll by to easily see what reviewers think of Booker without having to stop and read the entire review.

This testimonial format strikes the perfect balance of trust by offering longer written testimonials and giving users the information they need at a glance by including the five star rating.

8. Display the user's testimonials on various landing pages

Keap is a CRM for small businesses that want to use automation in their sales processes. They offer multiple landing pages for each function, including CRM, automation, reporting, and analytics.

Each landing page has multiple testimonials where current customers share what they love most about Keap. However, they don't use the same testimonials on every page.

For example, on the automation landing page, each testimonial mentions how Keap's automation features help save users time.

Landing page testimonial examples - Keap

Like Booker, they contain five-star symbols that grab attention and allow users to scan the page to see how much the tool is loved.

By offering different reviews on each page, Keap delivers relevant customer testimonials for each customer personality.

9. Salesflare uses images to increase confidence

Salesflare is a powerful CRM specifically designed for B2B business growth. The brand uses a simple landing page to generate conversions by offering an image of the platform, a list of iconic features, and multiple testimonials.

Unlike other testimonials, which are often several lines long, Salesflare makes it easy by using a line or two for each testimonial. This includes profile pictures, full names, and the name of the company that completed the review.

Testimonial Examples - Salesforce

In some cases, using longer testimonials can be more effective. On this page, however, Salesflare relies on the images and brand names to build trust and get readers' attention.

10. Grid combines testimonial types for a powerful punch

Lattice is an HR management platform used by some of the biggest brands in the world. The testimonial area offers three different testimonial types in one clear area.

First, they list the names of the big brands they work with, including Reddit, Slack, and Asana. Knowing these established brands are using this tool will build trust – they are obviously not new to the industry.

Testimonial Examples for Landing Pages - Lattice

The next section offers an individual rating from a reputable source: the VP of People of Reddit. Knowing that she trusts Lattice can help readers feel confident that it is a trustworthy solution. They also include a picture that shows their face and helps viewers connect with the review with the person who gave it.

Finally, they provide a link on the right to read case studies and list how many people use their company.

Lattice's testimonial section works incredibly well as it has a lot of information and different types of testimonials, but keeps the design sleek and easy to read.


Many brands are not using testimonials on landing pages effectively, if they are using them at all. The testimonial examples above serve as inspiration for using testimonials on your own landing pages.

Remember, testimonials don't work in a vacuum. They should only be one aspect of your digital marketing strategy. For example, you can benefit from improving your social media strategy, running marketing campaigns, posting blog posts that help users find your business organically, and analyze / fix SEO issues.

If this sounds overwhelming and you need help developing or improving your marketing strategies, reach out to us. Our agency is happy to help you in any role you need.

Do you use testimonials on your landing pages? How did they affect your conversions?

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