10 Locations to Take Photoshop Programs On-line

Regardless of what you're selling, images are an important part of your marketing strategy. From website design and images with blogs to custom graphics and paid ads, images reflect your brand wherever people see them.

If you can edit photos in Photoshop, you can develop a unique look and feel that you can keep consistent across all of the images you use for your brand.

If you are unfamiliar with Photoshop, there are numerous Photoshop courses online that teach you how to use Photoshop. We recommend looking for courses on reputable platforms with lots of good reviews.

With that in mind, here are the ten best online Photoshop classes that we recommend.

1. Udemy

Udemy offers a variety of Photoshop courses for beginners, including one called Photoshop CC: The Basics of Photoshop in Just 2 Hours. The creator of this video course is Adam Zollinger, a 3D graphic artist with over a decade of experience and numerous awards and a range of designs. He shares the basics of using Photoshop for those who want a quick overview in a short amount of time.

Online Photoshop Classes Online - Udemy

Unlike other Photoshop courses available online, this online video course only lasts 2.5 hours. It provides a high-level overview to help you get started with Photoshop. The course provides information on how to navigate the software and use the tools, such as: B. Filters. It also includes free practice and professional project downloads to explore and work with.

This course is free. At Udemy, free courses include the video courses, but only paid courses include a certificate of completion and direct interaction with the instructor. If these features are important to you, then Udemy paid Photoshop classes to look for a variety of options.

2. Skillshare

In Skillshare, you can take a course called Adobe Photoshop CC Essentials Training Course, which is divided into 89 short lessons. With more than 9 hours of content, attendees will get a deep dive into the skills and tools they will need to get the most out of Photoshop.

Online Photoshop Courses Online - Skillshare

The course is led by Dan Scott, an Adobe Certified Instructor (ACI) who has received awards for his Adobe teaching. It is advertised for beginners who are new to Photoshop or even photography or graphic design.

In the series of modules, participants learn how to manipulate images using common techniques and modern styles. You will learn how to retouch makeup images. You will also learn more about advanced Photoshop features.

There are a number of practice files available for students to use to follow the lessons and practice the techniques they have learned.

To access Skillshare courses, you must sign up for a membership with annual or monthly prices. However, Skillshare does offer a 7-day free trial so you can try it out.

3. AGI training

The American Graphics Institute offers online Photoshop courses in live formats so that attendees can get an interactive experience in addition to their in-person courses.

Online Photoshop Classes Online - Skillshare

Their classes are divided into different types and intervals to cover a wide variety of needs. You can explore 2-day introductory courses, 4-day bootcamp courses, and 1-day seminars.

The American Graphics Institute's Photoshop classes can be taken once or in series of certificates such as Photoshop certification or graphic design certification. You can also choose thematic classes, e.g. B. Photo retouching, fashion design, color correction or layers.

The instructors for these courses are verified by the American Graphics Institute and have written books and curricula that specialize in their subject matter.

Because of the school's reputation and certificate options, the classes tend to be expensive, over $ 500 or $ 600.

4. Photoshop CAFE

If you're looking for more specific Photoshop classes, Photoshop CAFE offers a variety of online courses. Find courses on portrait and fashion retouching, animal painting, filmmaking, and digital photography courses.

Online Photoshop Courses - Photoshop Cafe

Photoshop CAFE classes cost between $ 25 and $ 100. Some bundled courses cost over $ 200.

Instructors vary by class, but when you browse their biographies, their expertise in a wide variety of industries is really impressive. These are digital artists from all over the world who bring knowledge and passion for Photoshop.

Photoshop CAFE classes differ from other classes offered online in that they are more like tutorial videos than interactive classes. However, if you want to learn something specific about Photoshop, or want to use it in a specific field like fashion or photography, these tutorials might be exactly what you are looking for.

5. LinkedIn learning

LinkedIn Learning, formerly called Lynda, offers Photoshop classes, including this Photoshop Tips, Tricks, and Techniques class. It is available for $ 30 and comes with exercise files and a certificate of completion.

Best Places to Take Photoshop Courses Online - LinkedIn Learning

This class is aimed at both beginners and advanced learners and includes all of the tools and techniques you will need to improve your images. It's designed to help you with the "post-production workflow" – in other words, it should help your systems move faster and ultimately save you time.

For example, the class description states that it covers popular topics like removing dark circles under the eyes. However, it does so using techniques and tricks that are efficient and save you time.

The instructor is Richard Harrington who is a digital video artist. His other LinkedIn courses include courses on cameras and other imaging software.

6. CreativeLive

CreativeLive is hosting a class called Adobe Photoshop CC: The Complete Guide, which is advertised as one of the most popular courses. This class is available to website members for $ 13 per month who will then have access to all other classes, or you can simply purchase this class for $ 59.

Best places to take Photoshop courses online - Creative-Live

This is not just an introductory class. It really is a guide for everyone from the novice to the seasoned Photoshop user on how to use Photoshop's features and tools more effectively. There are over 25 hours of content in 21 lessons. Participants can work at their own pace and have lifetime access to the videos.

Topics include overlay, dissolve, filters, and color adjustments. Participants will also have access to 70 course material files for practice and implementation.

7. Adobe

Adobe itself offers courses for those who want to use their products better and more effectively. Of course, they want users to get the most out of Photoshop and get the most from it. The Adobe website has a number of detailed Photoshop tutorials that will walk you through various techniques that you may want to learn from the program. The most introductory option is called "Photoshop Getting Started".

Best places to take Photoshop courses online - Creative-Live

This free series of videos will walk you through learning about Photoshop and its interface, interacting and editing images, retouching and resizing images, applying filters and adding other images or shapes, and changing image quality.

In addition to detailed videos broken down into specific topics, the tutorial series also includes written descriptions and instructions for each video. You'll see an outline of what each video is meant to teach you, as well as a reminder of how to perform the techniques taught in the video in case you forget the details.

The moderator of these tutorials is Jan Kabili (you need to log in to see her LinkedIn profile). She is a member of the Adobe team and a trainer for Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom and Elements. She has written books on the subject and has extensive experience working with and teaching Adobe software.

8. Phlearn

Phlearn is a platform for teaching creative skills in photography, Lightroom and Photoshop. One of their signature courses is called "A Beginner's Guide to Photoshop" and it covers all of the basics you need to use Photoshop.

Online Photoshop Courses - Phlearn

This class is one of Phlearn's pro classes. So you need a subscription to the platform to access the content.

Membership costs $ 9.99 per month or $ 99.99 per year and includes access to all Pro content, plus exclusive access to presets and hundreds of other photo and imaging tools that you can apply to designs. This is a unique element of Phlearn in what they offer their subscribers.

"The Beginner's Guide to Photoshop" is hosted by Phlearn founder Aaron Nace. He started Phlearn to make learning creative skills more accessible to more people and is passionate about teaching those skills in a fun and engaging way.

The class covers all of the basics of Photoshop, including how to open and navigate Photoshop for the first time and the tools you want to get started with. It then covers many commonly used topics, such as: B. Overlay, Masking, Selection Tools, Image Editing, Photo Retouching, and Photo Composting. Much emphasis is placed on photography enhancement, including skin retouching and image sharpening.

The course includes 46 videos and more than 13 hours of content, as well as 51 sample images, four sample Photoshop files, and PDF instructions.

9. Pluralsight

You can use Photoshop CC Fundamentals in Pluralsight. This class focuses on giving you the basic information you need to be able to take advantage of the latest version of Photoshop. It is designed to provide the foundation needed to build a solid understanding and ability to work with Photoshop so that you can continue to hone your skills.

Online Photoshop Classes - Pluralsight

This class is taught by Matthew Pizzi, who has been an Adobe Certified Instructor for over 15 years and is Technology Director at Pluralsight.

The class covers introductory material a beginner might want, such as opening a file, as well as basic tools such as selecting and editing tools, and overlaying, masking, retouching, and cropping.

Like other teaching platforms, Pluralsight offers its courses on a subscription basis. Pluralsight membership starts at $ 29 per month and is free for 10 days.

They stand out from the competition by providing detailed options for professionals who work with Photoshop and other skills. They have paths and channels that you can use to build on the skills you have learned and see what you should learn next. They also have skill assessments and interactive elements to help you learn more.

10. GoSkills

You can take a class called "Photoshop for Beginners" on GoSkills. The course is promoted as a basic foundation for those interested in Photoshop and contains the introductory information you need to become familiar with the program and orient yourself as you explore the tools.

Photoshop courses online - GoSkills

The class includes editing, designing, and text effects information in over 4 hours of video content. The Instructor is Howard Pinsky (you must be signed in to LinkedIn to access his profile) an Adobe Community Professional and online educator with over a decade of experience.

This class is available on a subscription model to the membership plan of $ 29 per month or $ 199 per year. You can access the first 10 lessons for a 7 day free trial to try out the course and see what you think before investing in the entire class.


Are you ready to dive into all of Photoshop's features and tools to get the most out of your photography and branding? There are many Photoshop courses available online to get you started. Constantly improving your skills can help you improve your online marketing game and stand out from your competition.

Remember that design should only be one aspect of online marketing. If you need help developing a strategy that will make the most of your new photoshoot design skills, reach out to our agency. We also help with SEO and paid ads.

Which class will you check out first?

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