10 examples of manufacturers utilizing TikTok Sew and TikTok Duet for advertising and marketing

Have you considered using TikTok to grow your business?

With so many social media platforms, many companies hesitate to use another website. However, features like Stitch and Duet could be worth investing in the platform.

Here's what these features are, why they are important, and some examples of them in action.

What is TikTok stitch?

Stitch is a TikTok editing feature that allows users to crop and edit other people's videos and incorporate it into their own content.

For example, you could post a video about how to dominate on social media and you will see that I have a great video on the same topic. With Stitch, you can take a snippet of my video, add it to your post, and say, "Look, my boy Neil says that, so that's what we should do with our marketing."

One of the ultimate goals for social media marketers is for content to go viral. Usually this is achieved by people sharing your content and maybe adding their own comments.

Stitch enables content to go viral in a completely different way by incorporating video snippets right into their posts.

What is TikTok stitch?

Because the original creator is credited, it has the potential to increase your reach. This adds to the viral nature of TikTok, making it a powerful tool for marketers.

What is TikTok Duet?

TikTok Duet works on the same principle as Stitch, so you can use other people's videos yourself. The difference is that with Duet, the two videos are played in split-screen format.

TikTok stitch and duet

Going back to the previous example, instead of trimming to a clip where I'm talking about social media marketing for your video, we can be on screen and share the stage at the same time.

Like TikTok Stitch, Duet takes sharing to another level and promotes viral content. Instead of just sharing my video on your page (like you might be able to do on Facebook), you can add your comments and flourishes and then get the message across to your audience.

This can be an incredibly useful tool for marketers and is another example of the innovative features that people are drawn to TikTok. (Here are my thoughts on why you should market on TikTok.)

Why should you use TikTok Stitch and TikTok Duet for marketing?

Your social media marketing goals are based on three main components: reach, engagement, and action.

You want to reach as many people as possible, get them excited with your content, and encourage them to take a desired action.

Easy right? Well, as we all know, it's not always that simple.

This is why features like Stitch and Duet that increase engagement and increase your reach are hugely welcome.

You don't have to dig too deep to see why users love Stitch and Duet. Social media brings people together, and what better way to do that than through collaboration? People can get even closer to their friends, celebrities, influencers and brands; and this is the basis for viral content.

For brands, it's an opportunity for people to engage with your content in a different way, and when they put them together, you get the recognition and free brand exposure that comes with it.

What types of companies should TikTok Stitch and Duet use for marketing?

A big part of marketing is reaching your target audience where they “depend”. With 689 million active users (and growing rapidly), there's a good chance your market is on TikTok.

One thing to consider when choosing which social media platforms to use is demographics. TikTok has a much younger active user base than other platforms like Facebook (60% of its users are from "Gen Z") so you need to understand how to target this group.

Even if your target audience is a bit older, you shouldn't write off TikTok too quickly. Facebook gained its popularity almost entirely with the younger age groups, and see where it is now.

By using features like TikTok Stitch and Duet now, you will stay ahead of the competition and expand your profile on a rapidly growing platform. As TikTok continues to roll out features, it has more to offer for marketers.

10 examples of TikTok Stitch and Duet for marketing

How can you use TikTok Stitch and Duet for your marketing? These brands have incorporated Stitch and Duet into their marketing to create viral videos and reach more people.

1. NBA: Tell me that you are an NBA fan without telling me that you are an NBA fan

This NBA video style is a common way to get people to put your video together. Your brand gives people a prompt, in this case, "Tell me you're an NBA fan without telling me you're an NBA fan," and your followers will put it on their video before they answer.

Here is the original NBA video:

Your followers see the prompt and create their own video with their responses. Here's how the Chicago Bulls mascot, Benny the Bull, reacted with stitch (sorry, Detroit fans.)

It's a simple format, but it's a great way to increase engagement. Every TikTok stitch is a free advertisement that expands your reach.

2. Amazon Prime Video: Michael B. Jordan Clip

Amazon Prime is undoubtedly perfectly placed for TikTok Stitch. After all, it has access to an endless amount of videos.

This clip by Michael B. Jordan certainly has the viral effect and is gaining a lot of traction around TikTok.

Here's a stitch that has over 73,000 likes (remember, you will get credit every time your clip is stitched together).

Amazon clearly has access to many star names and iconic videos, but the principles remain the same. In this case, the original clip makes people wonder what is going on in the scene and then people use stitch to react by re-enacting the rest of the scene themselves.

3. Urban Decay: Prince 4 Ever Collaboration

Makeup brands tend to do very well on TikTok, and Urban Decay is no different. The release of Prince 4 Ever Collaboration is a great example of how TikTok Stitch can be part of a product launch.

Here is the original video:

It's just a quick look at a new product, but it caused a stir and people got into it and added clips to their videos:

If you have unique products, this can be a powerful way to generate excitement for a new version.

4. Demi Bagby: Influencer Power

I could have chosen from a whole range of influencers here because they play such a big role on platforms like TikTok.

When someone with nearly 12 million followers creates content, people get involved. On many occasions, people use stitch to share Demi Bagby's videos.

Here is one of many examples

https://www.tiktok.com/@joemarimuyong/video/6946526606785629442?_d=secCgYIASAHKAESMgowONUyjWSOPzZ7lgZ50QSPZOIfn1ry7qMF4fxI6qwOXymKFabr%2BCnx7EK773knvNtfGgA%3D&language=en&preview_pb=0&sec_user_id=MS4wLjABAAAAfxb6j_kqOk03cnZi89NW8IWORFdVOABY8mSQ0jYtWqmdDPU2azjFJaLPKjE_N3VX&share_app_id=1233&share_item_id=6946526606785629442&share_link_id=DDF80763-F618-4EEF-ADE7-9C454963F632&source=h5_m&timestamp=1620986922&tt_from=messenger&u_code = difk1e8h4k3g56 & user_id = 696205954883648006 & utm_campaign = client_share & utm_medium = ios & utm_source = messenger & _r = 1

It's no surprise that brands like Sony Pictures and Gymshark are sponsoring these influencers in an effort to reach a wider audience.

5. John Derting: Everyone loves beautiful landscapes

John Derting is a photographer and videographer with over 1.7 million followers on TikTok. His videos offer a unique look at the beauty of our world that you can unlock with your brand.

By adding these amazing videos to your content, you can add something to your TikTok presence. If you are aware of your environmental footprint and are committed to protecting the beautiful things we have in the world, this could be an ideal way to use TikTok Stitch.

6. Puma: Can you recreate the Puma logo?

It started with an epic failure of a barista trying to make a coffee with the Puma logo over it. The original video received more than a million views, so Puma made more videos of it, this time with Duet, to show its followers how to try the challenge.

Videos don't have to be complicated to engage your audience, they just have to be engaging and this proved itself with Puma.


🚨BAKERS, ARTISTS & BARISTAS🚨 Can you recreate the PUMA logo like @ 1leogonzalez? If so, let's do it !! The best contributions will be featured on @puma 🙌

♬ TWINS – Kaygon

The video has nothing to do with selling clothes, but it is a great way to increase brand awareness.

7. Vessi: Duet giveaway

Vessi is a Canadian shoe company that does a great job at TikTok.

One of his most successful campaigns was the Duet giveaway.

This is another simple but incredibly effective strategy. Your followers present your products in a duet and have the opportunity to win free products.

It's a win-win situation. You can expand your reach and showcase your amazing products, and your followers can win free prizes.

8. San Diego Zoo: #sandiegozooduetsweepstakes

Another brand that uses Duet Challenges to increase engagement is the San Diego Zoo.

When there are lots of lovable animals hanging around, there is a lot of great content – but sometimes it takes more than just commitment.

#sandiegozooduetssweepstakes encouraged people to sing along with the loud Crikey bird. It's another example of how you can use TikTok Stitch and Duet to get people to interact with your brand. Look here:

9th ESPN – Dunk Contest with Hoopin_Nate

What do you get when you show footage of a little kid doing crazy dunks?

Viral content.

ESPN knows the power of incredible athletic performance and does an excellent job turning short video clips into viral content.

This video has expanded its reach with duets like this one:

10. Fortnite: Get ready for challenges

The #alternativewoahchallenge has 89.3 million views on TikTok.

What did Fornite do?

They joined the trend and made their own video using the hashtag.

The original video received over 470,000 likes, the duet another 310,000 likes.

That's a lot of views and a lot of likes.

How to measure marketing success with TikTok Stitch and Duet

To get the most out of your TikTok marketing, you'll need a Pro account that can access their analytics. As with any social media platform, you need to constantly tweak your strategy to make sure you reach as many people as possible, and you can't do that without analytics.

How to measure marketing success with TikTok Stitch and Duet

TikTok Analytics provides insights into how your content is performing, although there are currently no metrics that specifically measure Stitch and Duet.

Their analytics can give you a good feel for which content is working well and which is not. So keep an eye on metrics like:

  • total like number of posts
  • Total number of comments
  • Total shares
  • Total playing time
  • Total video views
  • average playback time
  • average engagement estimates

To get tricks and duets you need to interact with your videos. So use the feedback in your analyzes to improve your work.

TikTok Stitch and TikTok Duet for marketing: conclusion

TikTok is growing fast. No wonder with the Stitch and Duet features, which promote viral content.

Not only do these features work for users, they are brilliant tools for marketers too. We all want to grow our social presence and drive engagement, and these tools can help you do that.

You want to be on the social media platforms that offer the most perks, and increasingly, TikTok is likely to be a top contender.

If you are creative with content creation and use features like TikTok Stitch and Duet, you have the opportunity to reach a whole new audience.

Have you started TikTok marketing yet? Do Stitch and Duet help increase engagement?

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